BREAKING: 3,000 "Ebola Martyrs" Ready To Strike America in biggest "Apocalyptic Attack" * * The REAL reason Obama "mysteriously and unscheduled" return back to the White House from Martha's Vineyard (his vacation was planned for at least 4 weeks) is due to the U.S. facing an "Apocalyptic Attack" from 3,000 "Ebola Martyrs" ALREADY in America "Ready to Strike!"
A New Attack Plan upon America?
This would devastate EVERYTHING!
Heavenbound5511 Heavenbound5511
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Many of you all may want to stay asleep and not know what's going on. But I will continue to share what's going on and many will wake up and seek the Lord before it's too late.

even if this is true, which I doubt, wtf can we do except embrace it?

no religious stuff pls.

We must seek God for safety and deliverance..whoever calls on Jesus will be saved.

it's terrible, isn't it?

It is.