So Very Curious

I can't stop thinking about sucking a nice big **** and feeling it explode it my sissy mouth. Also would love to be ****** in my man ***** by real ****. Better yet one in my mouth and one in my ***. Maybe someone can make this happen soon.
rouser60 rouser60
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13 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Oh, my,if only we were closer,i be over every day,for you to serve my hard one. mmmmmmmmmm

I want that too

Love to suck you

I would love to have a mouthful of **** and ummmm one up my man ***** then yes please fill me with hot sweet ***.

It is a lovely experience for girls like us.

we have a lot in common, wish we could get together to do each other

This sounds so hot!!!!

Sounds like quite a fun curiosity.

would luv to have a lingerie party with another CD or TG.

mmmmm nice post

i would like all this to. can i suck you off

How can we help you get what you and us want if we don't know where you are from. I'd love to help you.

i live in western nebraska in a very small toun. so i,m am miles and miles away from most of u. i have to stay very private around here because everyone knows when u sneeze.

Sorry to hear about that. I'm sort of in the same position. No one around to play with and have to keep my otherself under wraps or the whole town will find out.

You and have have the same desires. I so want to suck a mans **** and feel it *** in my mouth

Wish we could hookup. I would love to play with that big ****.