Auntie Wears Niece's Bikinis (the First Time)

It was early summer when I had gone to visit my sister, little did I know what would happen that day.
Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view I arrived at my sister’s, just as she was about to take the scissors to my niece’s bikinis and cut them to ribbons, as there had been some issue or other with my seventeen year-old niece relating to her and the bikinis. I say this because during my visit I found myself persuading my sister not to destroy the bikinis, but to let me take them home with me, but unfortunately for my niece who saw her bikinis go into my handbag, there was no good intention of aunty saving her bikinis for her to wear again at some later date.
Because for some odd reason although I had many years ago given up the two piece look, as I got back into my car that day, I thought to myself, I have her bikinis, and I fully intended to wear those bikinis. I think that my niece was actually aware at the time that although her bikinis had avoided the fate of being cut up, they had been dealt another fate going home with auntie instead. Given the choice I am not sure, but the likelihood is my niece probably most likely would have preferred her bikinis to have had the instant fate of the scissors.
But that was not to be they were now in my possession, so they were as far as I was concerned my bikinis, and I intended to make good use of them as well. The first thing though was that I decided they needed a good wash, just in case they needed it and before I would wear them, the bikinis got this wash the very next day.
This was also the first time that my lover saw the bikinis, hanging on the washing line drying, I saw him looking at them and then on seeing me come out into the garden. He said, “I didn’t know you still owned bikinis?’
“I didn’t, they’re not strictly mine.” I replied
He looked at me, looking for clarification, so I continued “they are actually my niece’s bikinis, her mother was about to cut them to bits”
“So you brought them home to save them from being cut then, sort of safekeeping until your sisters calmed down about it?” he asked.
“Yes and No, yes I have brought the bikinis home to save them from being cut to bits, but no not for safekeeping.” I replied.
“You going to wear the bikinis” he said.
“It’s been quite some time since I’ve had or worn a bikini, but yes I am going to wear them, in fact I am rather looking forward to putting my **** in those triangles and my arse into those bikini bottoms” I replied.
“What a bad auntie you are, wearing your poor niece’s bikinis” he replied as he was standing there having a good grope of the pale green bikinis bottoms.
“Enjoying yourself?” I asked.
“Yeah” he replied, “thinking of you in this bikini and what I’d like to do to you in it.”
Looking at him as he continued to give the bikinis a good groping, I said teasingly, “Well as you can feel the bikinis are soaking wet, so they will have to stay where they are for the moment”
I heard him say “Pity about being wet”, which seemed more that he was talking to the bikini he was groping than to me as I walked off and left him to it.
I do not know how long he stayed out groping the bikinis, but at some point in time he gave up and wandered off, so by the time they were dry I was able to take them in and it was as I was putting them away in the drawer, that I decided that I would give him a surprise that night.
So later that evening as per usual I took a shower before bedtime, then slipped into the pale green string bikini. I made bows with each of the ties then pulled my long bathrobe over the top to conceal the bikini.
As I came back into the bedroom, he looked at me, the next thing he had pulled me towards him and his hands were exploring the outside of the robe.
“Now what have we here?” he asked.
“Why don’t you slip it off and see your surprise?” I replied.
I hid him take a deep breath just as he opened the front of my bathrobe, his mouth opened, but he said nothing. Instead he slid the robe off my shoulders, I allowed it to slide off my arms and let it fall to the floor.
My lover took a step back and stood there, taking in the sight of me stood before him in just the bikini.
“Wow, you look hot. Give us a twirl then.” He said.
I did not need any more encouragement, I gave it my best wiggle walk as I walked past him in both directions, as I prepared to go past one more time, he reached out and hauled me into his arms, we kissed passionately for a good few minutes as his roaming hands began to explore my bikinied body.
He had by now worked himself around the back of me ,one hand was fondling my ****, the other had strayed down between my legs and was rubbing my ***** through the bikini bottom, I could feel that hard **** of his pushed hard up against my arse through the bikini’s bottoms. So reaching behind me I slip it into the waistband of the bikini, so that I can feel it against my skin, but what this means is that with him now also trying to get a thrusting motion into them, that the bottoms get bunched up at the base of my arse, because at the same time he has been using his fingers and has pushed the material between between my moist labia and the crotch of the bikini bottoms are shoved up inside of my *****.
Breathlessly I said “**** ME”, because by now there was a burning, lustful arousal deep within me, and I knew that the bikini, had somehow caused a great carnal desire within him.
“Oh yeah” was all he said, and as he briefly released me I re-adjusted the bikini’s bottoms, no sooner had I done this, than he pushed me towards the edge of the bed, my lover guided me into the hands and knees position, as he pulled the bikini bottom aside his fingers confirmed my readiness.
I shrieked with surprise as with a single thrust he plunged deep into me, all I could do was pant as he deep hard pumping actions increased my pleasure, every forward thrust brought his torso into forceful contact with my bikinied arse, pushing me closer to my inevitable release, then it arrived, and I could barely support myself.
But as has happened before my lover hadn’t *** yet, due to his being able to control this, but I was not going to miss this opportunity so I reached down and released the two bows securing the bikini bottoms and while guiding him onto the bed and onto his back I released the bikini top two sharp tugs on the strings and the two triangles and their joining chords came away in my hand.
With him now on his back, I said “your **** is so hard!” as I wrapped the bikini around his hard ****, and with a big smile. “He’s so thick I think he wants to *** all over her bikini!”
“YEAH, stroke me” he replied
My hand was now moving up and down his ****, stroking and rubbing it
"Do you want *** her bikini?” I asked as I continued my up and down pumping, from base to the tip.
"Do you like the way I'm ******* you off? Are you ready to *** all over the bikini” I asked.

"Oh yeah, I love the way you're stroking my ****. Don't stop. You're going to make me *** " he replied

At which increased my speed and began pumping his **** faster and faster with my hand wrapped tightly around his thick, hard ****.
And with that, I felt an explosion move up from his balls and through his ****.
"Oh ****! I'm ******* now!" he shouted.
Come on, fill her bikini with your ***." I said. "Oh, you're so hard, *** all over it, shoots a huge load of *** all over her bikini." All the while I never stopped ******* his thick, hard ****

"Oh god, I'm *******!” he called out "Don't stop, don't stop! Oh God, it' so good!"
as he pumped more *** into the skimpy green bikini that was wrapped tightly around his swollen ****.

"Oohh, I can your *** in my hand, through the fabric!" I informed him. "So much ***. Fill it, fill her bikini with your ***!" I commanded.
We recovered lying in bed each other’s arms the bikini still wrapped around his semi-hard ****. and his first words were.
“WOW, you are way hot in a bikini girl.”
“I am glad you think so because you are going to get to see me in them on holiday, I think you will enjoy that won’t you?”
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