Well, well, well. What do we have here. A Fox News ideologue with extremist views. Not to mention rhetorical fluff. Last week as some of you know, our country dealt with, and still is, a major crisis which happened in the heartland of our country, the USA. An unarmed black male by the name of Michael Brown was gunned down in a small city known as Ferguson Missouri, just outside of St Louis. Now we do not know what happened specifically. The investigation is still going on as we speak. But the propaganda machine seems to be working overtime my friends. They are trying to start a race war here in America, and keep us unequivocally divided. They being the "status quo". Now before I go any further how many of you know Reverend Al Sharpton ? Hes like this spokesperson for people whos civil rights are being violated or obstructed. Bill OReilly, a well known Fox News commentator, criticized Al Sharpton for speaking out against the police officers and department in that area. Personally I believe these two are both the same. And no most African Americans do not care at all about these sell outs such as Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. They are nothing more than commercialized branded properties of the status quo whos agenda is to politicize and homogenize the foundation of the civil rights movement left behind by our forefathers. I call it exploitation. Bill OReilly is clearly a hypocrite here as he blows the horn of racism...... a Right Wing zealot and hate filled fearmonger whos job is to sell you one side of the story rather than the other. What do I mean by this you ask ?
Well then, if you thought that last video was interesting, then you outta see this one below. What do ya think EP. Comments please.

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Are there cases of racial injustice in this country involving the police. Absolutely! Is the Ferguson shooting case an example? I'm not so sure. I think the media and the race pimps were too quick to jump on this horse. The facts will come out, there is no hiding them. Are there some bad cops out there? Sure! i do think most cops are good people just trying to do their jobs while protecting the community at the risk of their own lives. This was very likely the case with the cop involved in the shooting. The facts will tell us, not the lynch mob. Is O'reilly a racist: I don't think so. Is Bill O'reilly an opinionated gas bag? I do think so. Is Al Sharpton a race baiting opportunistic pimp? I would have to say yes. It's in his genes. Anyone ever heard of Tiwanna Brawley?

Yes we have heard of Tiwanna Brawley, and that was over and done with about 25 years ago. So to bring it up now after Sharpton has been redeemed is irrelevant. Perhaps you think just because he is an African American he has not right to do that, but you are wrong. Bill OReillys idea only are more aligned with yours so you lack in ability to discern his ideology and all its flaws underneath. That means you will follow him regardless. I don't expect your views to be unbiased and fair at all.

That is your opinion. The Brawley case was only the beginning of The Rev Sharpton's public efforts to make a living by polorizing this country over race. Fact is, i don't agree with Mr. O'Reilly on a lot of subjects, but he hit the nail on the head this time. He is not a right wing zealot, but I would not expect you to be able to discern the difference because your own vision is clouded by your ideology.

It doesnt matter. They are both being paid by the same corporate rats. Both of them are race baitors. I dont play into being deceived by propagandists and politicians. That is for misguided people only. =)

I just saw the video of bill oreilly. What was your problem with him ? I don't see any problem. He is pissed because the media has convicted the cop. I don't agree with the media. Cops are brave. They put their lives on the line every day. I wouldn't do it. You couldn't pay me enough to do it. Those people are brave. They not only babe to try to make it home every night, but they have to be careful not to **** off a community by doing something like killing someone. I'm pretty sure he didn't want or plan on killing anyone. And if you were in that situation, and your life was in danger, you would probably do the same thing. I know I would.

Check out James Boyd and Kelly Thomas..Cold blooded murder without room for speculation. No fanfare whatsoever for those two. I don't think it got beyond local news. Some peaceful protests I think. The scales are unbalanced.

You wouldn't like what I have to say very much. I respect you, so I'll spare you the speech. I'll just say, that I'm with OReilly and Ben Carson on this one. I'm sure you know where I'm at. I'm pretty predictable on subjects like this. : )

Roger that!

But you undermine the fact that there are corrupt cops and this has been the case more so than many here would like to admit. There is a sense of superiority and entitlement that comes with that kind of power and human nature is what makes all people fallible under the law. Not all of law enforcement officers are the same. And from what I understand some of them in that area are a bit inept and undisciplined in case you haven't noticed.

I think a lot of this comes right down to personal experience. I have known a couple of cops. I have been arrested once for drunk driving. I was a real ahole to them. I was drunk. Anyway, these people were fine to me. I probably deserves to get the **** beat out of me. Anyway, they didn't. They threw me in jail. I deserved it. If your personal experience differs from mine, sorry. You found some cops that are bad. They probably need to be taken off the streets. But don't put every cop into one category. That is stupid.

I didn't make a generalization. You (assumed) that I did. There are more bad deeds going in in the dark than you think. You only find out just what man is capable of doing when he gets caught. But if you only knew and saw it in its entirety, it would blow your freakin mind. That's life. =)

Are you a cop? So you know of these things because you work with dirty cops ?

No. But I have friends who are. And I have seen cops do bad things before. Not all are bad, but a lot of them have agendas like most dirty doers nowadays.

Are we talking a major us city

A city. But it doesn't matter. I read a lot on Google about the amount of cops who are fired, or released every day for different reasons. I just think youre not aware as I am about these issues. Its a big world out there. Don't be so small minded.

Its a combination of people who have personal issues that often get in the way of their job and how they conduct themselves when being in compromising positions.

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Al Sharpton is a worthless race pimp. Bill OReilly is an intelligent commentator doing an opinion show. It's normal to demonize ideologies other than your own I guess, so rock on Bill OReilly is not the furthest right on FOX news by any stretch. He's not afraid to offend the right or the left when it comes to telling the truth. Some of my conservative comrades don't like Bill because he's too liberal.

They are both the same. What you have are two race baiters who enjoy enflaming the weakest and most vulnerable part of their political base with divisive and poisionous rhetoric. Its all transparent and predictable. And they both work for the same people which adds no validity long term to their so called just cause.

I can actually see your point. All the rhetorical hype is counter productive. I agree, but they're after ratings.

That is all it is about. Both men are the same. One is red, and the other is blue. People who cannot tell the difference are people who live in denial and lack sound a mind and rationale.

It's funny that he is the most watched news commentator in the world yet you can't seem to grasp the fact he's on Fox, which was just recently just awarded the most watched and trusted news channel, and you say they need to get their funding from somewhere else? They have plenty or sponsors and are doing very well. Sharpton, Jackson are just race baiters and that's all they are, if you have followed any of this story you would see that Jackson was booed off the stage after asking for donations, he is a propagandist and just wanting a freakin handout from the people he has helped keep down, he only wants to spread hatred and no committed to bringing the communities together, and there's really no need for me to even begin on sharpton, his actions in the Barkley case years ago speak for them selves, he is the biggest race baiter of all and made his money on the backs of hard working black people that he has brainwashed into believing he's trying to help, they both just need to shut up and retire and live off the millions they bilked out of their people.

Not its not funny. Fox News is about quantity now, not about quality. Its basically entertainment fodder news like most of cable news tv. So just because he has a larger fan base, which are mainly Republicans, that fact is virtually irrelevent. And by the way, Fox News ratings fell greatly and unexpectedly after the 2012 Elections. Leaving all of the fools to wonder how could it be.......how could it be. =)

The numbers dont matter. The WWE is the highest rated show on cable television. And we all know that stuff aint real. =)

Lmao, numbers don't matter, they tell the whole story, just because you refuse to believe them doesn't make them wrong

You are aware that most people in the US are Conservative. However, that doesnt mean people dont vote across party lines. I have done that recently. Have you. =)

I haven't seen any democrats worth voting for, all they do is want to tax me more and give to deadbeats

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I wholeheartedly agree with everything OReilly says here. You don't.

I only agree with the part of him talking about this discussion being more hurtful when it is politically homogenized. Other than that, hes the exact same as Sharpton.