Bored And Confused

Hi, I feel very bored but I do have a friend across town who is bipolar like myself. I don't know if she will be so supportive in my life later on in my life because she has her own issues. I am going to a Nami support group soon but I have a hard time making friends and probably because I have pstd which is post traumatic stress disorder. That makes it hard to concentrate to read or do anything. I guess I like to go shopping and music and movies but having hobbies is my down fall, other than making jewelry.. I want to make friends with people that I can trust. I get sad because there is no man in my life either and I worry about my parents passing on and being all alone in the world with none there for emotional support. This is not a dating site and anyway, I don't know that I would want to meet someone online for dating. I have literally put myself in a little bubble with not many friends . I guess I am searching for others who are kind and compassionate like me. I have one neighbor friend but I want friends to be there too when I need support. I guess I am losing touch with my emotions as well right now. My aunt has lung cancer which has made things very depressing in our family. If anyone knows of any programs where I can meet friends , let me know. I want to connect with others...
oopstigo oopstigo
41-45, F
Dec 4, 2012