Yes, I Do It Too!

So, Im 19, 5.10" and 138 pounds...

I have weight issues, I cant gain weight. I WANT TO... but i cant!

I weigh myself about 3 times a day, and whenever i have lost about 2 pounds I binge like crzy... on everything i can find!!! Literally!

But i can never keep it down. Once i start i will not stop until the food is gone. This may mean my stomach rejects food up to 5-10 times during my massive binge episodes and can often result in vomiting blood. BUT I CANT STOP! :(

Its horrible, i hate it, i want to stop but i love the thought of gaining weight... I need the fat, the sugar, the carbs and calories, i need it all. I am sick of my body. I tried to go healthy and bought loads of organic and good for you food but i ate 35 pounds worth of food which should have been 2 weeks in under 3 days as i was losing weight so binged.

Blllaaahhhhh :( :(
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Ohhh, triple chocolate ice cream sounds excellent, fabulous, and fattening. I'd like that. You do realize that when you post here, you're likely to get some strange people who respond. There's a safety in the anonymity that seems to spark sharing, at least for me. But you've got my ice cream thoughts going. There's a little ice cream store just a couple of blocks from where I live. They make all the usual flavors and then some specialty ones. The best ice cream I every tasted is from them. It's a dark chocolate Cajun cream cheese ice cream. It's the darkest chocolate that I've every had and it has just a bit of Cayenne pepper in it so it's creamy, luscious, bitter sweet, and a little hot. It starts every part of the tongue and lips quivering with excitement. Fortunately, they do't make it all the time, so I can't go get it too often. <br />
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On your walks do you stop to eat or do you just keep going? --HXTP

Im telling you junk food does not work, it only works if you have a really slow metabolism which you do not. Try eating mexican food, or frozen foods, something with a lot of salt, then eat a burger and fries and finish off with ice cream or something with sugar and fat in it. Take it from someone whos done it. Eat 4 low calorie, smallish meals + two high colorie meals a day, try and eat every 2-4 hours, I swear to you it works. Oh and drink a ton of water, thats actually the hard part but water weight definitely helps. <br />
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Also your weight doesn't change through out the day it only changes the moment you wake up and before you go to bed. Checking your weight all the time doesn't help either, im not sure how to explain it but when youre mind knows your skinny you stay skinny. I actually had to ween myself off of checking my weight on a daily basis, cause yes it does change daily but its the weekly end weight you want.

mmm burger + fries + ice cream is my mcdonalds heaven!!!
hmm i do try the smaller meals and eating regualary but sometimes it rele hurts my stomach which aint fun. but i lovveeee water! i always drink loads of water... i love love love it!!

yeahh my weight flucuates like crazy from 135 to 140 which is annoying.
rele?? knowing im skinny will make me skinny? im not even sure how that works but... u shud so create a diet called "Think your skinny and youll get skinny"... i actually imagine it to be a success!!

yeah mind over matter. if you weight yourself with some clothes on, or almost fully dressed and the scale tells you youre 141, because you believe you gained weight you will. sadly this only works on people who are trying to gain weight not lose it because people who are trying to gain weight can keep their close on, pleople who are trying to lose weight have to be naked when they weigh themselves or else the scale will tell them they are havier then they are and the diet wont work because the scale isnt showing that they are losing any weight. So i guess yeah thinking that youre lighter then you are probably would work.

If anything junk food, McDonalds, burger king, jack in the box, etc. will only help you produce bad fats which means you wont gain any weight you'll just get celulite.
the reason eating regularly hurts your stomache is because its not use to it and its not use to healthier foods so yeah its going to hurt for a bit but if you keep up with it it will stop hurting and i swear you will gain weight.

So you know this doesn't work. I know about binges. I go on eating frenzies, but somehow I manage to hold it all in. I think there's something essentially masculine about cleaning out the refrigerator and displaying a bloated belly, even if it's just to me. How can I help you with this? How do you fell about my responses? We're separated by the wall of anonymity, so we're both safe from each other physically. But words can hurt, too. You have to take control and find out what works for you. If my words don't help, I'm sorry because I want them to be helpful. --HXTP

yhh our conversations and stuff intrigue me... they... hmm are different to what i have with other ppl and i like that. i dont see the masculine thing tho i just see a very very fat man in a skinny body lol.
u cud buy me a ton of triple chocolate icecream... that hits the spot!