I Binge Every Single Day

It never stops. I eat excess amounts of peanut butter, chips, crackers, nuts, homemade baked goods, chocolate, what ever is around basically. I need help. I used to starve, now I'm piling on the pounds like there's no tomorrow. I don't fit into any of my summer clothes - AT ALL. NOT EVEN CLOSE. I thought I had gotten over my binge eating habit, but it's back...it always comes back....and I my self confidence is close to none. I feel weak.
I feel alone and even the food cannot help me.
Any advice would be lovely.
brittanylouis92 brittanylouis92
13-15, F
3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Understand that you are not alone miss. I had anorexia for years and then bulimia consumed 8 1/2 more. If you have deprived your body of nutrients in the beginning when starting to eat again you will naturally gain a bit of weight. With time and patience the weight will even itself back out. Just because you like food doesn't mean you are predisposed
to be a "big girl." I don't think very many people who haven't been through disordered eating realize how triggering their words can actually be. Just know that you are unique and you can overcome anything you set your mind and heart on.

~Much love

Hypnotherapy can help you out.

You're probably looking for ways to stop, but maybe you can't because you weren't meant to. You obvously love to eat. . .need to eat. Try embracing it, & the weight that comes with it. Some people love being fat. There are also people (men & women) who find a very fat partner very attractive, & love to help them eat. Yes, you could stop. . .but as you say, the desire always comes back. It might be easier to loose your lack of self-confidence about it. It's not weakness to give in to your inner nature.

Good luck whater you do, & feel better about yourself. You're a worthwhile person whatever you eat & whatever you weigh :).

I can't be this way. I love moving around, not being bed ridden. I'm 14 and not interested at all in feederism. I want to be happy and gorging myself is not he way to do that. Thank you very much for your response, but I love to dance and jump and participate in musical theatre - being very large disables me from doing the things I enjoy.