Yes....I Binge a Lot At Night...

Cakes, potato crisps, savoury biscuits, candy, soft drink, popcorn. Mmmmmmm.

And then, I brush like a fiend....I weigh 50kgs and I'm not Bulimic.

I know I shouldn't whine, but even if I eat like a pig, nothing freaking gains but depression and effed up blood glucose. Oh and when I'm depressed I can't eat.


Oh Haha, very funny, Creator Being.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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5 Responses Feb 9, 2009

i wouldn't worry, i do the same at night, sometimes i wake up still full.

hihi i know that feeling but i have the thought that when ever meeting a nice girl she would sure have the power and seduction skills to make me eat enough to result in small gains over time ;-) and if she likesit and likes teasing, too that could be a story ongoing forever ^^
ah just lover to think of those thing s ;-)

Just keep eating friend (:

Catalina, you definitely have a body reminiscent of the Venus of Willendorf, which I think is a good thing. We could you more women like you in this world.

When I am stressed or depressed I can not eat either, so I sympathize with you on that one.<br />
I have to watch what I eat, not because I might gain weight, which I lose and gain, but because my stomach is all effed up ( as you say ). Greasy, salty, spicy ( have you EVER heard of an Italian that could not eat Italian food without getting sick----that's me and I really really love hot spicy food) or I eat too quickly, doesn't stay in my belly long enough to digest it.<br />
I eat what a 4 year old can eat every 24-48 hours, because my brain says that I am full after eating that small of a portion of food.<br />
I blame my mom and ***** donor for making me so effed up ( jokingly, of course). I keep asking for a new body every time I hit another age, but it never happens.<br />
When the time comes for me to leave this body, I am going to party, then go up to the Almighty Himself, and kick him hard for this body, LOL.