Wierd Freaking Dreams I've Had That I Remember Bits Of

Dream 1
I had a dream where I was standing in a very large oval with zombies running around. So i jumped on the back of a red bicycle, being rode by a South African child with me swinging around a jelly-fied skipping rope with spikes on them, killing zombies. Jumped off and pashed a female zombie. I sucked the poison out of her blood. She turned into a human again and I turned into a zombie and ate her.

Dream 2
Was talking to two friends and they looked regular just were acting like seagulls and pooped on a rock and it looked like bird poo.

Dream 3
Had cursed ice thrown down my clothes by a youngy gypsy and was forced to sign a letter staing that I was married to a mentally special man. Asked my parents to remove the curse, they said no. Then the gypsy mother tried to kill me.

Also have had robot zombie dreams, killing aliens with mars bar bullets, friend falling from an extremely inclined escalator without stairs who fell into a pool. Trying to find her red lipstick.

Its annoying to have stupid dreams like this, because their such frantic dreams every night. I cannot have a refreshing sleep.... lol
MelodyTin3 MelodyTin3
18-21, M
May 9, 2012