Love *****, Need ****

I really do love everything about a *****. But I can't live without ****. So, I've been resigned to having at least two people in my life from time to time. Ironically, it's not as satisfying as immersing myself wholly into one person at a time, but it's not something I can really control. When I fall head over heels for the owner of the ****, I find myself craving *****. But, I don't like group sex and I don't like sharing, so have a mini-**** is out. And then there are the days I want both! What to do??
auroramaru auroramaru
46-50, F
3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

ironman, i agree with you, but you know, one relationship requires trust without jealousy. two is often more complex ... but i have seen the effect of a "scorned woman" and i'd rather not expose myself to that. anyway, i seem to not be temperamentally inclined to be a woman long term ... i'd rather "cheat" with a woman, if you know what i mean!

... and i'm not into group sex. ;)

even though people talk about that all the time, having sex with a couple rarely works out well. guess i have to keep trying.