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An Honest Question.

I am the father of a teenage girl who is just discovering the joy of having a (female) lover. I embrace, and support any choices she makes. My question. how would you at that age have wanted your father to encourage and support your choices? Were did he falter, were did he succeed? I think this is the best place to ask that question.
DaddyOh58 DaddyOh58 51-55, M 1 Response Oct 23, 2011

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Just like with a boyfriend, I would have wanted my father to show interest and respect. An attempt at understanding. I kept my bisexual nature a secret because I knew he wouldn't do any of those things. Though he is understanding and not homophobic (he had a lesbian as his best man), the ideas and tolerance seemed to change when it came to his own daughter. Don't change them. Ask questions about your daughter's romantic interests, just as you would with a boyfriend. What does she like to do, what does she want to be, etc. Let your daughter talk if she wants, if she feels shy about sharing, simply let her know that you're there to listen. Be excited for dates just like your daughter is, if you know of them. Wish them a good time at dances if they go. Simple things like that. Show that you want to meet them, you want to know who your daughter will be with because you care, you want to "approve" as most fathers do with boyfriends. It sounds like you have a great attitude about this, and from what I've seen, that's half the battle of doing a great job as a parent.

Thank You, Thats been the consensus so far, I'm just worried I'll let my own issues cloud my judgement, or worse yet push her away. we'll see.