I think I am in love with one of my best friends. Ever since I met her, I had this strong feeling toward her but i didn't really understand It. We were close since 6th grade, but she had a bad spell during freshman and sophomore year. I hardly talked to her, hardly saw her. Then she got her life back together, stopped whatever It was she was doing and decided to join the Marines. She became my friend again. And then I knew I was attracted to her.

She is beautiful inside and out. She Is a little thing, short and petite but in shape. Her eyes are absolutely amazing. She Is one of the nicest people i have ever met. Kind, caring, fun, sometimes crazy, incredibly funny, and HYPER! We always got in trouble during writing cuz we would laugh and argue so much. I would be sitting there and she would want my pencil but I'd tell her to wait until I finish this sentence. Then she will pretend to hyperventilate, eyes wide, n say "You. ****. Me. OFF! GIVE ME THE PENCIL!!! Please..... ******* NOW! Please....." We have a weird relationship that is not like any of my other friends.

She Is bi also which makes me hope. However, she has a very serious boyfriend and is absolutely in love with him. She is not the type to have a boyfriend AND a girlfriend. And I do not like him because of the way he treats her. But who knows, maybe when she comes back from bootcamp....
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Oh I forgot We hate to lose you to the other Team! But will Love for you to find happiness!

Most women, especially one able to go to boot camp, will only put up with a **** for so long. A man like that, one who treats a women poorly, is try to prove to himself and his friends that he is a man to be respected. <br />
Infact he is proving that he feels no self worh and is very insecure. He is a bully because he diesnt have confidence to argue.<br />
Your friend will give you the opportunity to take her in your arms in no time! ust make sure you are ready to take this opportunity to let her no how you feel.<br />
<br />
Good luck!