Poker Night

It was poker night, I planned on winning and ended up losing yet won another way. Many years ago with my first wife we had a friend over for poker night every week. We would break out the beer and cards and the three of us would play poker. One night during a game my wife suggested that we make the game a little exciting and play ***** poker. We both agreed thinking that she would play for a while then stop if she had to expose anything. (We had never talked about a ********* or anything along that line) The game went on, my wife lost some clothes and my friend lost more clothes while I lost all my clothes so she suggested that if I lose the winner tells me to do something. I agreed thinking that it would be to do something silly. Well I lost another hand so she told me to feel my friends ****. I hesitated but then reached over and felt his **** which became instantly hard. The next hand my friend lost so he had to do the same. The next hand I lost and was told to suck his ****. I slowly moved over to him and carefully slide my mouth over his ****. It was at that moment that I realized that I liked it and didn't want to stop and by the moan sounds he was making he was enjoying it as well. My wife won the next hand and told my friend to fondle and suck her **** which he quickly did. At first I was so jealous seeing my friend with my wife but it made me even hornier. I moved the table out of the way and proceeded to give my friend a *******. After a while of all of us tasting each other my friend mounted my wife and gave her a real good ******* while I sucked on his balls. When he had came I took over ******* her and sucking him so the fun wouldn't stop. We spent the entire night ******* and sucking each other over and over. We did this every week for over a year. Some other fun times was when I came home from work to find my friend there with my wife and a smile on his face and his limp **** covered in my wifes juice waiting for me to suck it. I never thought that I would enjoy another guy nor did I ever think that I would enjoy seeing my wife get ****** right before my eyes, but both were such a turn on. Mind you feeling and sucking another guy off was a bigger turn on. I am now re-married and wish that my wife would try a *********. I do bring it up and sometimes she tells me that she will think about it.  Maybe there is hope for some MMF fun again. Any guys interested in trying to suduce my wife?

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3 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Exactly the kind of thing I wanted to have happen when I was married. That is hooooot.

great story... made mine stiff. Have to think your first wife was a one time situation. Great fantasy, I never had gal into this play, wish I did... I really like both sides of the fence and getting caught in the middle of the fence is great thinking about it.

A wonderful story. I would love to hear about how you plan to get your new wife interested