Im Bicurious, Im Going To Hell :/

ok lets skip the fact that im bicurious, have feelings for both sex's etc. and go straight ahead to my past. i always knew that there was somthing different about me from day one! i had crushes on guys but would also stare at womens breasts and other parts of their bodys! as i grew older, hit age seven (i think? lol) i started to experince things with girls. it continued. and i liked it. no guy had ever liked me so i obvisly could not have a experince with them.
i started looking up lesbian websites, and stare at girls in my school. they were damn hot. THEN!. my mother found out. she convinced me that because of this im going to hell! but i cant control how i feel. i kinda had two boyfriends. in these past couple of years. i would like to have a girlfriend too. but i think that would be cheating??? forgive me that would be new to me :/
i wanna be bicurious, mabye turn full bisexual. but also have my family. they dont understand me, especally my mother and father. i wanna be eccepted. and just be who i am. im not ashamed, i never will be. but i need my famalys saport. 3
bicuriousgirl23 bicuriousgirl23
Nov 29, 2012