The Best Experience Thus Far-looking At Going Further

A little background on myself before i share my relatively mind-blowing experience that i had a couple of years back with fellow EP members. Am of Indian heritage based out of Singapore but born and bred in Brunei. Am 40years now and at the time of the incident was 37years. 5 feet 11 and i would say height and weight proportionate and for those who would like to know how heavy i am well iwas and still am at 76 Kilos. I am hairy well atleast on the arms and chest but with a little hair on my back which i tend to wax-off(I know this can be quite a turn-off to some women so i try my best to keep it waxed)

I travel a bit during my course off work especially in the South East Asia region primarily Thailand,Hong Kong,Manila,Indonesia etc. It was on august 2007 that i had to make a trip to Macau. It was a meet the bosses session and i represent the affaiirs of South East Asia of the company. I landed in Macau and checked into the MGM Grand hotel where we were having our weekend retreat.Did my check-in and got showred and proceeded for dinner. Dinner was a sombre affair with pleasantries exchanged and the usual talk none of which excited me as i was plannng to call in for an early night. It was about 10:30pm when we all decided to hit our beds. We bid our good-nites and told one another we would catch up for breakfast early next morning before we started our meetings.

I decided to have a drink at the bar which was located at the ground floor next to the restaurant just before the entry to the casino. Although i was tired and the only thing on my mind was to knock-off to bed but i just couldn't resist the music that was emiiting from the bar being played by a Filipino Band. I walked over and seated myself at a table. The bar was filled with working women from China and Philipines primarily looking to secure their keep for that particular night.

Me am not much into working women(no offence to them i feel they are doing a job just like the rest of us and they tried real hard to entice me but this is just not my thing well atleast not for that particular night. I was just looking at having my scotch and listen to some 80's music that the band was belting out and watch the happening that was going around.

I ordered my scoth and sat at a table at the corner of the bar. I think it was 30mins or so and a gentlemen passed me by. He was on his way to the toilet, while passing me by he came over and said that's a nice scotch you are having. It caught me by surprise but i managed to thank him for his kind compliments. On his way back to his table he came over and asked me to join him and his wife.I politely declined and said that i am comfortable with where i am seated and would love to continue lstenng to the band. He shook my hands and went away.

My eyes followed him to where he was going and he went to join a lady in her late 40's. He ii suppose was in his 50's. I didn't pay much attention until the waiter came over with 2 glasses of my scotch saying it was compliments of the couple and pointed towards the same couple. I took the drinks and went over to the couple's table to thank them for the kind gesture and said they shouldn't have. They were pleasant and said that it was their pleasure.

In return i ordered them 2 rounds of what they were having which was Gin and Tonic. They then asked me to join them to which accepted.We sat about talking and they were from Scotland and were doing a tour of Asia and this was their first day at Macau where they will be for 3 days before heading off to Hong Kong. We sat about chatting and they were asking me questions on places to visit and see since i was from Asia.We got along very well. i didnt much pay attention to the lady as i was deep in a conversation with her husband until she asked me something. She said "Micheal arent you getting any company for tonight" to which i kinda stared in awe at both of them. The husband then said " yes Micheal , Karen noticed you the moment she saw you order scotch as it was kinda different from the many people who are just chugging beers in herr" so i told her "Karen no am way to tired and plus it isnt in me to get hooked with working girls especially whne all my colleagues are staying in the same hotel and i wouldnt want them to look and give me that cheeky smile the next morning" to Which both Karen and David laughed.

Then Karen went on to say"Micheal you know that David admired you before me" i almost fell of my chair. She laughed and then said dont worry he doesnt bite you should be more worried about me coz i tend to bite and swallow, to which we all laughed. That's when something in my pants stirred and i began to notice Karen. She was 5 Feet 6 and probably abt 49 kilos with nice tts that were quite held up with her bra. She was p[robably a 34C and she hada nce lil tatto ont he cleavage of her breast. A tatooo that spelt David's name out(well i could only see the D & the A so i presumed at that time it was David's name and i complimented her on that. Karen then went on to push her side her dress to reveal that it was DARE and not DAVID.

We chatted and had a good conversation going on and i completely forgot about the live band and their music.At this point Karen stood up and excused herself to the ladies. While she was gone David changed his position and sat next to me leaving Karen to sit alone opposite us. He told me that he wanted to hear me clearer and the noise was hampering it and thus the change in seatings. I didnt think much of it and it seemed like a genuine excuse.

Karen came back and she said "Oh good now i get to see both lovely gentlemen with clear unobstructed view. karen settled down and we carried on talking. Then Karen said" Micheal and David you guys look so good together" to which David replied " Karen do u want me to kiss Micheal?" i was shocked again and Karen burst out laughng and then said Micheal ,David is Bisexual and that's why he changed his seating to be closer to you. I freaked out and Karen added nothing to worry Micheal he is harmless at this point. Karen then asked me if i ever was b or bi-curious and i replied yes i pondered many times but never actually experienced it.

(to be continued soon)
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Almost 2.5 years later... where is the rest of the story? Or did EP censor it?