What Led Up To My Mom's Discovery Of My Activities

The night Ernie turned me out to the gay community was a big affair for me. What had been an erotic secret with just him and his wife was no longer a secret. Now other men knew me sexually, not just once but some several times the same night. I liked hearing them talk to me, calling me baby, telling me how good I felt to them, what to do to make them *** and of course feeling or tasting them when they did ***.

Initially it was strange to realize people were watching me having sex with others, but because I was so aroused I did not care and eventually that too was exciting. I could hear them talk about me and see them jacking off waiting their turn as they watched. As I said it was my first time with poppers, it seemed I was given a chance to refuel with some amyl as each man took his turn with me. Ernie was uncut and he was my first. I liked sucking his ****. Most of them at the party were cut and I got to experience them all it seemed. I still prefer them uncut though. I was ****** in every way imaginable, but I must say it was being a bottom for so many that I knew it was my position for life. I could feel their ***** twitch and spasm as they came. They would grip me tight so I could not move as they emptied their load. I am sure my *** was as loose as it could be but no one seemed to mind. As for me, my own **** would remain semi hard and continually oozing *** I cannot tell you how good it felt.

At the party I met two men that lived together. They were both tops and they wanted me to be their bottom. What made it especially attractive is they wanted to give me money. I would go to their house after school and they both would **** me. I would spend a couple of hours there sometimes. This lasted a couple of years. Of course they would have parties and again I would be the main attraction – good for my ego. I got lots of money from them. I would spend some and I would keep the rest hidden in my room which was a big mistake, because my mom found it.

We are not talking about a little bit of money, over the years I had saved up several thousand dollars. It was a bad scene. She wanted to know where I got it. She thought I had stolen it. I think I said we lived in the housing projects and to her this was a lot of money. She yelled and cried and carried on until I told her I got it from some people I knew. What people, what for, she went on and on until I told her I got it for sex. Once I told her how I got it she did not believe me, said I was lying. Ultimately, she believed me after I told her what I did. Then she wanted to call the cops and turn them all in. This would be terrible I said I would never tell on anyone. I did not want everyone to know about what I did. She said I had to stop and I said I would and did. I told the two men later and they were glad I did not say anything. They were so happy they even gave me some money which I never told my mom about.

My mom never mentioned any of this to me for a long time. She did keep the money as “punishment” and I was glad she did. She needed the money and I did not. Later on she wanted to know if I just liked men and I told her no. I told her I liked girls too. When she wanted to know why I had sex with men I confessed I just liked sex, it made me feel good. She never talked to me about it again. When I got older I think she was happy when I would bring girls home and never peeped once when they stayed over.
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so hot and lovely experience. bottom keeps your *** *******.

WOW, interesting story. Thanks for sharing it, as I enjoyed reading it, esp the part about how you made the money LOL.