My First True Bi Experience.

Honestly this was a long time ago when I was 14 years old.  I use to skip class and go to my friend's house which was two or three blocks away from the school.  I knew him well.  I just use to go and hang out there now and then but not an everday thing.  The one day I skipped school and went to his house.  When I got there he was all alone in his pyjamas.  He let me in as usual and I went in.  We had a conversation about girls and he told me about this new ***** movie he got the day before.  It was a mmf ********* video.  He popped it in and we started to watch.  During the movie I was shy to see my @##@ becoming hard although I got 6 inches.  I was trying to hide but he also got hard to.  He was also 6 inches and it popped out and I could not help myself from staring at his and wishing to make out with him.  He looked and me and asked me "would you have sex with another guy?"  I repleid "no" because I was not sure how he would react and when I asked him the same question he asked me his answer was "of course."  I asked him if I could touch his and he said "I thought you were straight."  I repleid I am curious so he let me touch his.  I was so happy that we started kissing passionatly and play with each others #@#@s .  It drove me wild.  He gave me a ******* and I was maoning and enjoying it a lot.  I gave hiim one in return and we cummed on each other.  We never got to give each other anal because I had to get back to school before my mom got there first.  The next day I left to come over here to the States but I still cannot stop thinking about him and I that day.

Now I am 28 and into women that are older than me but I still wish I could get another shot with a guy.  I would love to have a mmf experience with some good people.  I  would love to have a bf and a gf to.


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Why don;t you? Not hard to find them, just have to draw them out.