Short Nails Make The Man

I was tired of "long" nails (having the dead white on the ends) in my senior year of high school.  I had to clean them all the time, they got infected and would end up broken when playing sports or working on motors. etc.
I also learned the value of short nails on men when someone's fingertip hit my eye in a water polo game during high school swimming practice. Fortunately he was man enough to keep the dead white off the ends of his nails or I'd have ended up wearing a patch over what would have been left of my eye.
I realized that bitten short nails were masculine, the opposite of long nails which enhance the looks of women. I also felt a lot more at ease when treated by doctors, dentists, etc. who kept the dead white off the ends of their nails, especially after that water polo incident. 
After turning eighteen I started biting. My teeth failed to do the job so I my first tool was a piece of metal with a sharp edge left over from a hobby project. After losing that piece of metal I was fortunate to find a loose stainless steel center contact from a distributor rotor when I was working in an auto parts warehouse. It was just over an inch long, a quarter-inch wide and the rivet hole made it easy to have it on a string around my neck so I had it whenever I had a moment to groom my nails. I used that for half a decade until it started cracking, then I cut three inches off one end of a car-card spring that holds the advertisements above the windows inside city buses and streetcars in place. The metal was new and had a good edge where I cut it off with tin-snips. I drilled a hole in the other end and had to have a plastic sheath to keep it from rusting on my sweaty chest because it was plain steel instead of the stainless steel of the distributor rotor. That lasted for a few years before I found a cheap metal folding knife with a two-inch blade and a hole to hang it on my string around my neck. This handy gem served me well until I found a large fingernail clipper at a sporting goods store. I bought that and was very pleased and have used that for over a dozen years. I used to cut a pair of nails each work day starting with my thumbs on Mondays and ending up working on my pinkies on Fridays. After retiring that blade I clipped them all on Sunday nights after my shower when my nails were softer from the shower. 
After a good clipping I learned to apply vitamin E oil to the ends so they wouldnt hurt during th next two days every time I washed my hands.
Even without the dead white on the ends of my nails they were originally longer than wide but three and a half decades of diligent work I have good masculine nails which match my hands. A good clipping can last a couple of weeks while a quickie one lasts maybe a week before I see the dead white creeping out on the ends.
Being a man I never cared to be a pretty-boy. I like the look of a normal man who actually earns his living by doing honest work. I have a beard, short hair, male pattern baldness, wear glasses instead of contacts, superior strength for my age and practical mechanical knowledge and skills, skills that seem lacking in the younger generation.
I was the last one in my high school to sport a crewcut those four and a half decades ago and one of the first men at work to get another one during the '92 riots so they'd have one less thing to pull in a fight.
I personally recommend that men should begin biting/clipping their nails upon reaching the age of eighteen (or 21 where applicable), especially our gay brothers. A good effort, like a good beard, mustache or at least sideburns, can add to a man's masculine good looks.
Nailsman Nailsman
56-60, M
Aug 12, 2010