Ways To Tell Meli Has Been Biting Her Lip Too Much Lately

  1. She has bitten off skin on the inside right of her lip
  2. She has a small lump on the inner right side of her lip because she grabs the exact same amount of her lip with her teeth each time
  3. She gets a tiny pimple on her bottom right lip twice a year from excessive biting. 
  4. You tell her she's biting her lip, but she didn't even know she was doing it.
  5. Her bottom lip is chapped but her top lip is just fine.
  6. You feel she carries and excessive amount of Chapstick and Carmex (2 in her pants pockets, 3 in her purse, 1 in her car, 1 in your car glove compartment, etc etc)
  7. She tells you to tell her to stop biting her lip
  8. She yells at you when she notices she is biting her lip and you didn't tell her.
  9. She bites her lip when she contemplates things you think are totally unimportant or when she has an idea and ends up tapping her teeth with the tip of her finger cause the lip she means to tap is being bitten. 
  10. She bites her lip so much she writes a story about it on EP
MoiraEthne MoiraEthne
26-30, F
May 9, 2012