I Bite My Nails Severely.

I am in my teens and I bite my nails when I'm bored or when I am watching a video. At home I bite my toenails to the nub. My fingernails are literally 3/4 of a centimeter. I hate the habit of doing it. Whenever my friends want to do pedicures, I always say that is a bad idea. Even by myself, I get angry and frustrated when I can't do anything to my nails like normal people. My friends just tell me to stop biting them, but it's harder than it looks. I have even cried about how short and fat my finger and toenails are.

I have tried to stop, trust me. I have gone to my local pharmacy and bought Anti-Nail Bite Nail Polish. It does taste disgusting, but I still bite it off of my fingernails. And I always have a glass of water by me so I can get rid of the taste. I have tried fake nails. I always end up biting them off or peeling them of, or they just come off...

The conditions of my fingernails are horrible. Sometimes, I even bite my cuticles. They blister and bleed and my whole upper finger would hurt. I would sometimes even have I suck on it because it hurt so bad. And when ever I get rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, or nail polish remover on my cuticles, I burns like hell! I have a serious problem. I am not an adult so I can't go to a doctor about it. My mother doesn't think it's serious, either.
I hope the best of all of you. I wish that none of you people have this terrible habit of mine.

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I know the feeling

good luck... I'm 50 now and still... bite my nails and cuticles - it is very difficult to stop . You got that right... I'm not as bad as my brother , but still would like to give it up. The only time they seem to grow normal; is if I wear heavy gloves - like ski gloves - anything less just does't work. I wash my hands frequently - that may be part of the problem.. but I lotion my hands and fingers regularly through out the day .. yes , I keep lotions in my car and whatever bag need of junk for work etc. ...
I tried the anti bite polish too... no effect. My tool of choice ... files ... - when I do leave them alone; then any length and they will break or bend or split or tear .. ouch..

I have the same thing.Except i pick my nails.They bleed sometimes.But to make myself not pick them.I put band-aids on all my nails. So I dont get tempted. Hope that helped

Oh.. I never thought of that! I'm gonna try that. Thank you! @missluckygirl

very welcome! :)