My Nail Biting

my nail biting is out of control, I have seen some nails on girls, who say they bite them, wow I'd be so proud to have nails like those, mine are seriously bitten, most are so low they throb and sometimes bleed, my parents hated my habit, and as a young girl I went through a lot of anquish, I even started biting my toenails, kids logic, bite your toenails, grow your fingernails ! it didn't work, needless to say at the age of 24 im still biting them all, I rarely wear open toe shoes, in case my nasty little habit is seen, I will try and post a pic of my nails, be interesting to see if anyone else bites this badly

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Hey folks, don't be fooled by Lucy's statements. "She" has a nail biting fetish (as I do) and is a well known photo collector of bitten nails, having hundreds if not thousands of them posted all over the Internet. She'd love it if you'd send her more photos and loves her nails completely, and yours too if they're bitten enough!

I guess it is just a habit? I am sure you will one day overccome this.Good Luck :-)

thanks to those who have commented, Im still biting really bad, if anyone, whos also doing this, wants, pls email me, maybe we can try & stop together, buddy up, share photos of them, to encourage ?<br />
Lucy<br />

Many people are just like you. In fact this used to be me. I bit my nails until they throbbed so bad it was terrible. But then I decided I was going to stop and worked my *** off and won the battle. I have normal nails now and I pray that you can overcome this too. Good luck to you!

me too i cant stop biting my nails i also bite my toenails on times

wow,if you keep ignoring this your are going to be another kind of without will go into your genome and your kids wont have nails.

Hi Jasmine, I did once try to have acrylics done, but the horrid woman, said out loud, go away and grow some nail so we can adhere to it, there's nothing to work with, my nails are bitten right down low, I never returned

i think i bite as bad as you...<br />
im really bad.<br />
i got fake nails done... and that stops me - and then they get taken off and my nails are long - and i find it much easier to not bite them when i can see that they're long. <br />
recently on a night out drinking i bit them all off. <br />
right down to as far as they can possibly be bitten pretty much... <br />
they look so horrible and ugly.<br />
but like you said - its hard to stop when you don't even know when you're doing it. it just comes naturally practically.<br />
the day after both my hands were throbbing and i was actually in a fair bit of pain from it.<br />
theyre ok now but i'm still biting.<br />
maybe you should try getting acrylic nails or whatever?

i have a nail-biting friend whose nails are just as bad.<br />
<br />
mine are pretty gross too, but my natural bed ends close to the end of my finger. still, it's a bad habit i've never been able to break.

When I was your age I was in the same predicament though I was no longer flexible enough after age 15 to bite my toenails. You are still very young and probably could use professional help to get over your shame, guilt, and anxiety. I did and it greatly improved my life. I never quit biting my nails, but no longer do it to the extreme I once did or feel ashamed about it.<br />
<br />
Since my nails were bitten for so long they look very unsightly when they grow in and much worse than when bitten to the nubs. To most people, that sounds like a sick excuse for continuing to bite, but chronic nail-biters appreciate it.

i think you need to redefine your life and your anxieties!<br />
people who battle depression and nervous episodes in life often bite their nails......<br />
<br />
my mom sometimes bite her nails (she has mild depression and anxiety!) and I have never bit mine(i cant coz they r too thick...lmao)<br />
<br />
anyways get in control of your anxieties or depression or issues