I Used to Bite My Nails

Now I have been growing them since maybe 6 mos or more, and I actually have had to cut them a few of times too. =) I used to try to stop for years and it wouldn't last long. I really don"t know what changed this time. I always knew it could be done, because my college roommate said she used to do it for many years but then stopped effectively.. she did pick at skin around her nails though, which I don't do. A few things helped me to initially stop. That is the hardest part. Think about it this way, the longer they remain grown, the easier to keep them that way. At least that has been my experience. Now i think what helps me most is using a light pinkish color nail polish that keeps it shiny and pretty natural and strong. I can still see the tips of my nails through the polish and that really makes a difference. It keeps me reminded that I am succeeding and don't want to mess that up..  I hope this helps some of you to realize  that it  can be done! I hope I never go back =)
dreamweaver127 dreamweaver127
31-35, F
Aug 12, 2007