Bad Habit, Causes Sickness

This is the reason I got sick. I mean think about it... You go out in public, touch a million things millions of other people have touched, then you go and put your hands in your mouth? It is discusting. I wash my hands, I don't eat anything weird, why did I get sick? Well, because of this, and I have really gotta find a way to stop. I tried putting things over my nails for long periods of time to stop, but it just hasn't seemed to be working. Has anyone broken the habit, and have some suggestions for me? Any help would be appriciated.

WinterPrincess21 WinterPrincess21
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3 Responses Nov 5, 2009

Hi everyone, So im turning 30 this year and was probably standing in a line somewhere biteing away at my nails when i was 18 saying (i will quit when im old) well im kinda old..and still biteing raw.<br />
ive learned alot about how most of us got here.most of us learned this behavior to fill a void from lack of affection in first year of life. that's why you and i all have Pica, for years Mental health was so under funded and staffed that if you weren't violent it wasn't a problem and therefor was set aside.<br />
Im willing to bet you all have been able to go a strtch or too without biteng as much if at all-when things are going good that is. so look into treatment for anxiety solve a problem from the root.<br />
Good luck. o And yes u will have more exposure to fecal matter= more illness.<br />

I'm a chronic nail-biter who does it all the time everywhere, so I can't worry about germs and viruses. I try to keep my hands as clean as possible but still put them in my mouth after touching ob<x>jects and shaking hands. I don't get sick more often than most people because I probably have a strong immune system. Keep in mind that all of us are constantly exposed to pathogens every nanosecond of our lives. I question whether biting our nails makes us more susceptible to disease. My biggest gripe about nail biting is that I lack the self-control to stop it. Worse still is that I bite my toenails (very privately, of course, but ewww....).

Nothing has successfully worked for me either, and I have noticed nail biters get sick more than non-biters too (fortunately I took really sick in January after having my wisdom teeth out and have been protected by a super-boosted immune system since). You said you put things on your nails. Have you tried the nasty tasting stuff? Or tobasco sauce (DON'T TRY THAT ONE IF YOU ALSO TOUCH YOUR EYES A LOT)? It didn't work for me, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you.