I chew my fingernails and pick at my toenails. I remember that when I was very young my Mom tried to stop that habit by painting my nails with nail gloss or something like that. Ugh, that stuff tasted nasty!  But, you get used to it, lol!  

In my early teens I realized that it must be natural. I figured that it was instinct. How do you suppose that our ancestors did it before the invention of files and clippers? So it doesn't bother me all that much.

The bacteria that I am exposed to helps strengthen my immune system I figure, because I rarely get sick.(knock on keyboard)

I watched Lord of the Rings recently and noticed a close up shot of one of Frodo's hands. His nails were all chewed up just like mine. So it turns out that  Hobbits chew their nails too. At least some of them do. Which is cool. 



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2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

I see nothing at all wrong with us man biting(or clipping) our fingernails to the quick, as the end result looks much better as well as more masculine than having the dead white on the ends. Shaking hands with a fellow man with well-bitten/clipped nails feels better than shaking hands with a dude with long nails. Some of us consider long nails on men as bad as bitten ones on women and children. In my own opinion men with long nails, and women and children who bite their nails, indicates a lack of caring about their appearance.<br />
My teeth dont do the job but I've become handy with a good pair of clippers over the past three decades and clip them every week right after my shower when they're still moist and easier to cut. <br />
My back isnt flxible enough to be able to bite my toenails but I keep them clipped as short as possible to mainly prevent holes in the toes of my socks.<br />
I also like getting my feet orally serviced but noticed that few who like to lick and suck on a man's feet have a preference between bitten toenails or a little dead white on the ends. However, if I neglected my toenails long enough by not clipping them, some refused to do my feet.

I used to ask myself -- how can a grown man eat his nails? Or how can a reasonably intelligent person lack the self control to stop self-mutilation? But I'm a worst case that most men because I bite my toenails as well as my fingernails to the nub. Pretty gross, huh? Just can't help it. The toenails, of course are strictly in private. The fingernail biting is all the time everywhere. From experience, the worst thing is to worry about it. So I'm resigned to being a life-long nail-biter. But you know something? I like it and feel healthier when I bite my nails.