I'm Battling To Stop Biting!!

Heya,  I've been biting since i can remember, my mum bites and so does my aunt, both me and my brother bite and 1 out of 2 of my aunts kids(dunno how he got away without biting tbh).

I've tried many times to stop biting, once and once only i managed to get really nice nails and that was basically because the cousin for my gran bullied and shamed me so i was too scared to bite but i was 7 then and not so easily intimidated anymore.  My husband and I are going are ttc and i am so scared that i wil pass this habit onto my kids in the future like my mum did to us. so thats my motivation, stop biting for the baby.  I have so far went 4 days without overly biting :P  day 2 i was watching tv and knawed to nails to death and then noticed afterwards. but the other 8 hav stayed safe in the 4 days and mostly i put that to gloves lmao.  I lotion my hands and put gloves on most bedtimes so my hands are nice and soft, so i thought if i keep the gloves around during the day and i put them on any time am not busy or when i'm watching tv, its helping but its coming into sumer and i dnt think i can wear these then, wil b hot.   I am determined to suceed this time but after reading about nail care online i am so confused and just feel like quitting, i read bout constant filing, nail strengtheners, cuticle oils and pushing.  It seems alot to do to hav nice nails but hopefully exchanging a nail biting habit for a nail caring one will be benificial in the end :P  

Sorry about my essay :)

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

I wish my mother had bitten her nails maybe then I wouldn't have had her on my back about it all the time. There were two thing she bugged me about my weight and my nails. After I left home the first thing I did was bite my nails every chance I got. And I also any whenever I wanted to. This gave me a huge sense of freedom.<br />
Because I loved to eat I allowed myself to surpass 350lbs. Until it stated to affect my health. So Managed to stop the eating and got myself back to 170lbs.<br />
Bur I still have my love for biting my nails and I do without shame in front of my friends in public even with one finger holding the other to do a better job.<br />
Maybe if my mother had left me alone and be me I would have been better off.<br />
I say again I wish my mother had bitten her nails.