I Will Bite You!

When I am having really awesome sex...I tend to bite!  My lover has to remind me not to bite so hard!  Me the harder you bite me the more turned on I get!  I know it's kinda weird...but I love the pain  pleasure thing!

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8 Responses Mar 22, 2009

I can understand that!

See, I dont like the spank, and I dont want to have a bite on the hiney.... Its the back of my neck and shoulders.

Only if you can teach my husband...I have come up with a solution.....I give him hickeys ok...I know it's so high school but I do....I make sure that when he has a shirt on that you can't see them...well sometimes I might slip a bit but for the most part....I make them on his shoulders and chest! Might work for you and your wife!

O yeah!

A little spank on the butt enough to leave a print on you would be fine.

Hey...a little pains not a bad thing? Is it?


The pain just trips my switch... I have to try to get my bites on my shoulders where I can hide them when I go to work. If I bite, I like to feel the pain I cause when they shudder, or roll over on top of me and make me stop.