Impregnated By My Black Stepdad

I was 14 when my father passed away, and after trying to keep our home for a year, my mother and I finally had to find a place to live that she could afford. It was a big change to go from living in a nice home in the suburbs to living in an apartment on the bad side of town.
As the only white people in the neighborhood we were immediately noticed. The black women all gave us mean looks, and the men would all try to talk to and touch my mom. One day we were at the store and as we were leaving 3 black men surrounded us and were touching my mom and telling her that she needed a black man to take care of her. I was so scared and hid behind her as she tried to keep their hands off her. She started to cry when they groped her harder and told her they were going to go home with us.
Suddenly a car pulled up and the driver got out. He was a a very powerfully built, large black man with steely face and intimidating. He slowly walked towards us and softly, yet firmly took my mothers arm and pulled her away from the men. I heard him order the guys to leave at once and they quickly took off. It was apparent that this was a man who gets what he wants, and is not to be messed with.
He introduced himself as Anthony and said he would make sure we got home safely.
It was a short walk and Anthony made small talk with my mother as he led her by the arm to our apartment, glancing down at me from time to time until we arrived at our door.
My mother thanked Anthony many times for saving us, and apologized for not having much and living in a run down place. I seen him look around at our meager furniture, and noticed our clothes were dated. He finally told my mother that he would be checking on us from then on, and said he would be stopping by often. My mother could only look up into his eyes and softly say "ok Anthony, thank you".
He then walked away and my mother watched him until he disappeared around the corner. The next day after my mom got home from work I noticed for some reason that he was nervous, yet was trying to make herself up more than usual. After awhile there was a knock at the door and it was Anthony. As my mom opened the door for him, he confidently walked in looked down at me, stroked my hair, and asked "has anybody bothered you sweety"? I answered him no, and i saw my mother smile. I was happy that he took an interest and called me sweety. He then stepped to my mother, looked down at her, put his index finger under her chin and pulled her up and close to his face, and asked her" has anyone messed with you"? She softly whispered "no", and then he kissed her right in front of me, she didn't try to stop him, i saw his hand squeezing her butt, and then he took her arm, told me to stay where i was and watch tv, and then he led my mom to her room i could see she was hesitant, unsure, but she offered no resistance to him, this was the first time she was alone with a man since my father.
It was not long that I could hear my mother making sounds like she was trying to catch her breath, and gagging. Our place was so small, they were only 6 feet away from me, seperated only by a door, and very thin wall. I could hear her gagging more, and making gurgling sounds, until their was a brief silence. Then i heard my mother let out a soft moan, and and wimper "oh god", Please no", then I heard her let out a loud gasp, and cry. I could hear her bed squeeking steadily as her moans became steady yet louder and louder. she cried out "its too big for me" and i heard him tell her he was going to make her take all of him.I could hear him groaning and telling her how tight she was, as she gasped louder. I heard her squeel and cry out , and wimper "oh god, oh god i'm *******" as he was praising her and calling her a "good white *****" he continued until he satisfied himself with her after a couple of hours. I knew that they must have been having sex, but I had never heard such noise ever come from my parents bedroom before. My mother stayed in bed the rest of the day, and the next day she moved very slowly as she said she hurt.
Anthony soon began coming over almost daily and as the weeks went by he asserted more and more control over our lives. One day he and mom came home and she announced that they had just gotten married, and informed me that she was pregnant with child. I would soon have a baby brother. I was an only child so i was so happy to be gaining a sibling, although this would be Anthony's 4th son(3 by ex wife). Anthony always complimented me when he was around and call me "his babygirl". My mother started wearing only the dresses he liked, and wore her hair as he suggested. When he came in the door my mother would grab me and we would greet him together as she would kiss him, and then he would pick me up and i would hug and kiss him. By this time I was calling Anthony my "daddy" and he had taken authority of me away from my mother. She willingly surrendered to him to make all decisions. He decided what chores i would do, and which housework my mother would do. I only answered to him, my mom never. If i wanted to do anything or go anywhere, I asked daddy and not my mom. If I needed new clothes, daddy decided what i would wear, not my mom.
While it was very clear that my mom loved, adored, worshipped, and obeyed Anthony, it was also becoming very apparent that he didn't feel the same towards her. My mother gave herself completely to him in love, and never refused him sex. After mom gave birth to my lil brother she had female issues and would no longer be able to have more children. She was depressed, unable to lose the weight she gained, and exhausted. I actually was caring for and raising my brother instead of her.
Up until this time i was considered shy, wore glasses, and awkward, but over the last year my body finally started to develop and going through changes. My breasts began getting much bigger, and i was developing curves and a nice figure. Anthony certainly noticed, and he began spending even more time with me, reducing my chores and giving more work to mom instead. He would bring me pretty presents like a necklace or ear rings. I began to appreciate his attention and liked that he wanted to be with me more, even though my mother was hurt by it. it made me feel special when he would look at me in a certain way when my mother didn't notice, and call me affectionate names. But while he was building a connection with me through tenderness, love, and care, he was quickly losing interest in my mother. He no longer desired her, he was just using her body to satisfy his needs.
He was certainly becoming more and more dominating with my mother. In their bedroom i could hear her follow his demands and orders, listen and repeat the names he would call her. I saw thru the crack in the door one night as he was thrusting himself in and out of her mouth while he called her his worthless, fat white *****. My god his **** was so big and choking her. She had become lazy with the housework and her weight. Anthony was not happy with her. He made her beg him to put it her vagina. As he pumped her harder and harder he was telling her she isnt even a complete woman cause she could no longer become pregnant. I could not help myself and became moist while I saw him mercilessly pump her and her sagging breasts swayed back and forth.
He was telling her she was used up, unable to satisfy him anymore. She cried back that she gave her body to him, and now that he stretched her out so badly no other man will want her. I saw him pull out of her and I could not believe it all was inside her,,it plopped out and he inserted it back into her mouth while his other hand grabbed her hair. He yanked her head back and forth over his shaft, she was choking, crying and her makeup was smeared and running down her cheeks. He told her that the only thing she was good for was sucking his black ****, and he made her repeat it. Then he really hurt her by telling her how much sexier he thought i was, and how i took better care of his son than she does. My mom was crying, she admitted that she knew i was more desirable than her, that even at my very young age, I am able to do no wrong in his eyes. I was stunned. I had no idea that she would admit such a thing, however, a feeling of satisfaction came over me. I now knew full well that my mother felt inferior to me, and that she knew that her husband wanted me instead of her . I had no more respect for her. I felt proud and superior to her. He roughly continued to pump her mouth, and he asked her "who does that baby boy belong to"? She cried out "YOU". he then asked, "who does that pretty babygirl belong to"? and she cried out "YOU". He then shot load after load down her throat as she swallowed it all. I went to the TV as he finished with her and came out to leave. He walked over to me, told me to be ready at 10AM tomorrow, kissed me and left.

The next day Anthony took me to a salon and a woman there gave me a cut and style that he said he wanted me to have, then he took me and picked out a whole new wardrobe. Dresses, skirts, tops, heels, sleepwear, etc. He asked the lady what size bras i needed because i only had 2 and they were too small now to even wear. The lady took me back and had me try on a few and as i waited i heard her tell him that i needed a 34c. She said that I was very well endowed for my age and told him that he must be very proud dad. He told her to find me 6 of her nicest bras in that size.
He walked me home holding my hand and kept telling me how beautiful I was. I felt so safe and his compliments made me feel warm and proud. as he walked me to our door, he guided me with his hand on my hip.
At the door he said he needed to go take care of some things but that he would return the next morning. I stood on my tippy toes to hug him goodbye and he brought my lips to his, and my lips kissed his. He held me tight as i felt his tongue part my lips and i allowed his tongue to dance with mine. I melted in his arms. He said said daddy will see his babygirl in the morning, and that he hopes that i will look nice for him and he left.
All night i kept reliving that kiss, and how i felt in his arms. I couldn't wait to see him again.
I put on the prettiest dress and made sure my hair was how he liked it, and I could tell my mother was hurt at all the new clothes he bought for me but she said nothing, and i didnt care.
When Anthony arrived mother and i both went to the door as usual to greet him, but this time he went to me first, hugged me and gave me a nice kiss on the lips,not like last night, but still more than just a peck. He said he missed his babygirl and I said i missed my daddy. He then ignored my mom and admired the dress i was wearing. i could see in his eyes how attracted he was to me. He told my mom to look at me, see how my breasts were already bigger than hers, and so firm. How my figure was much better than hers. I could see the hurt in her eyes, but i was soooo proud that he thought i looked great for him. He left her there with his sons, and told her that he and i would be back later and we went to his car, but before we left he ran back inside and told me to wait, after awhile he came back with a large bag and put in the trunk and we left.
I didn't know where we were going and he didnt say much. Finally we pulled up to a large nice home not far from where i used to live. he took me inside and i noticed pictures of his sons and of him and his wife. He said it was his house and i was shocked. I worried where his wife was and he said she was gone and not worry. He told me go get something to drink and he went to get the bag out of the car and went upstairs. Soon he returned and He showed me around, and turned on music. He opened a door and led me into a beautiful huge bedroom with a large bed. He walked me to a full length mirror beside his bed, and i noticed a photo of him and his wife on the night stand. He stood me in front of the mirror and pulled me softly back against him. His strong hands were on my hips as he softly kissed my neck, and he whispered how beautiful his babygirl was. I was so nervous and could stutter softly "thank you daddy". He was kissing my ear and neck while complimenting me, telling me that he had been thinking about me all the time. I admitted that I too have been thinking about him so much. He seized that info to inquire for more info. He got me to admit that I yearned for his affection. And his hands started to caress my body. He whispered that he didn't want my mother anymore because he wanted me and my body became weak. My head tilted as he kissed my neck and his hands cupped my aching breasts, he released the straps as my dress fell to the floor exposing the bra and panties that he picked out for me. one hand was between my legs rubbing my mound as i trembled, the other released the snap on my bra as my swollen breasts popped free. he caressed my breasts as he told me took look how much sexier i was than my mother. He told me my breasts were much bigger and my body sexier than hers. He was saying all the right things to me, and then turned me and kissed me passionatly. He whispered into my mouth that my mother couldnt satisfy him anymore and that he needed someone that could satisfy him and keep him happy. I couldn't help it, the words just came out of my mouth, but I wimpered softly that I could be the one for him.

He kissed me deeper and i felt him removing my panties , he asked me if i was sure. He asked for confirmation that i was still virgin, and i assured him i was still. He said i was so young, was I ready to become a woman for him and do everything he wanted to take care of his needs. I looked into his eyes, and nodded yes for him, and i knew then that i would do anything for this man.
He placed me on my knees sideways in front of the mirror and removed his clothes. He dropped his underwear and produced his ****, It was so thick and long. he placed my hand on it, and helped guide him to my lips. I took the head inside my mouth as he moved my hand up and down it. it was so big my mouth barely fit around it as it began to grow harder and bigger. I could hear him softly moaning as he placed his hands on my cheeks and around my head, I could see in the mirror right next to me his huge black **** pulsating as he began to pump my small mouth while holding my face steady. The veins on its shaft were so thick and i was gagging. This huge black snake was forcing in and out of my pale white mouth as he held my blonde hair in his dark hands. He would groan softly "thats my good babygirl" I was gasping for air until he picked me up and placed me on his bed, and spread my legs. he ran his thumb over my moist labia, and flicked his tongue up and down . I felt his warm tongue enter me, reaching a spot that made me shake. My hips started responding to the assault his tongue was inflicting on my tender **** while i began holding tightly onto him, and gasping. He was making my body respond while he praised me.. My body could no longer take his expert manipulation and my body was quickly building to a strange intense feeling deep with me, I was crying, moaning, yet bucking up for him as he told me how sweet his babygirls ***** tasted. That sent me over as my body erupted for the first time and my juices overflowed like a volcano. He kept saying good girl, give it up babygirl.
When my body subsided somewhat, he positioned himself between my legs lay his heavy tool onto my tummy. I could feel his heavy large balls resting on each side of my moist opening, and the dark, long, thick shaft lay heavily on my rumming the full length from my public area to the head resting between my breasts. He knelt over and took my sensitive, aching breast into his mouth as i let out a gasp. His warm lips on My swollen breasts and hard aching nipples, brought me much needed relief, he reached down and slapped his thick heavy **** against my belly twice and then placed it at my opening as my body began to tremble. he kissed me while looking into my eyes and whispered "are you ready for me babygirl"? I was so terrified at the size, but i wanted to please him so i stammered yes daddy.
I then felt his hips positioning against me to pin me firmly in place as i felt him begin to insert himself inside me. Slowly i felt him opening me up as he gently stretched me with each gentle push. I was gasping harder, and groaning as he struggled to fit himself in my virgin territory. He began to apply more pressure into each push to open me open further for him as i began to cry from the pain his powerful manhood was doing to my body. I felt his hands hold me firmly hold my torso down, as i sensed that his urge and need to be deeper within me was gaining strength quickly. Then he whispered "its time" and his powerfull hips drove against me, thrusting his throbbing aching **** deep inside me for much needed relief and satisfaction. I cried out loud as tears filled my eyes and ran down my cheeks He let out a strained groan as he used his strong black tool to rip me open, and tear through my hymen, busting my cherry to begin stretching my insides and walls to fit him. He held himself still inside me momentarily as my small body quivered and tried to absord the massive organ he was inserting into my body. I could feel his powerful black organ throbbing and pulsating within my very stretched canal, I could feel it very much wanted to drive even deeper within me, and then he began to start pumping me, he started working harder to fit himself deeper within. Soon his strong **** began to succeed, with each withdraw and drive back inside me, I could feel him slowly opening me up wider and deeper. Each thrust back into my warm virgin gift broke new unexplored depths for him. The pain was not as intense, replaced with a pain that was becoming satisfying. My cries were beginning to give way to moans of fulfillment with each stroke of his manhood.

His strokes were now becoming slightly faster, and each thrust into me was more determined. There was no more struggle within me, no more hesitation, or turning back, he knew he was conquering me. I looked up into his eyes and I could see the pleasure he was receiving from my virgin white body. He finally drove himself until the very end of my depth as I felt his swollen head ram against my cervix while I let out a long moan. My body gave up and accepted him, he knew at that very moment he owned my body, and said "thats my babygirl, give it to me". I moaned out so loud" oh god daddy". I surrendered to him, and we both knew that my ***** belonged to him now and he would be filling it with his powerful black **** whenever he needed my pleasures. He started thrusting harder, as i moaned louder each time he pushed up against my cervix. He was throbbing so strongly in my tunnel and I began to feel so proud that i was pleasing him. He groaned that my ***** was so good for him,and i tried to allow more of him in me, he was slowly opening my cervix with each push now and my body was boiling within. He rested his body onto mine, pinning me more firmly into the mattress. My tiny petite white body was barely visible under his large black frame as he groaned more intensely as each thrust bottomed out inside me. My body was so close to exhilaration, his throbbing **** now felt like a permanent part of me, it belonged inside me, i needed it inside me, when he moaned into my ear "who's ***** is this"? I cried out "yours daddy"! I knew he was so pleased and was on the verge of unloading in me, i was so proud that i could make him feel that good Then I felt a rush flowing through my body and cried out as grabbed tightly onto him and cried "oh my god"!!! I was in spasms as my fluids began to gush from deep within me, and when he felt my warm juices soaking his hot aching **** he looked into my eyes, let out a deep groan and unleashed his *** with a vengeance. At that moment I held onto him i cried "i love you" into his ear, as i felt him ram his swollen, throbbing cockhead to a halt, opening up my cervix, and I swear I felt his huge,powerful, black organ shoot a hot stream of his *** directly into my virgin fertile caucasian womb. He twitched several times, and after each time i could feel another warm steady stream of his potent african babymaking fluids shooting directly into my unprotected young womb. His strong, dominant black dna was now flowing thru my body, mixing with my submissive caucasian genes, mixing with my blood, his powerful african ***** overpowering my eggs changing my body and dna forever.

END: Chapter 1

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good story. Where's chapter 2?

My god, if this is at all a true story, then I am so sorry. I'm all for breeding, but that should be your own decision as an adult. And as somebody who lost his father, I can say that losing your lifestyle, home, social network, could only add insult to injury. Nobody should be taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of a widow and an orphan. I'm sure you love your baby and wouldn't trade him/her for anything in the world. But the way in which it was conceived is atrocious. I'm really sorry if this is at all true.

Wow... this is an amazing story. I can't wait for part 2