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. Aisha had decided that Tariq would definitely attend the party with her.

The rest of the week was spent by Tariq polishing up his skills for Quan’s impending visit. As much as Aisha, Tariq wanted everything to go perfectly. He served Aisha dinner, who always ate alone with Tariq standing a respectful distance behind her, trying to anticipate when she needed something. He laid out her bed, prepared her bath, ironed her work clothes, and gave her massages. And finally Friday night rolled around.

Tariq came home from work, earlier than normal. He changed the sheets in the bedroom, and made sure that the mini-fridge was well stocked. Laying our Aisha’s clothes, he went downstairs to prepare dinner. Aisha had asked for something special. And as Tariq prepared it, he could not help but smile when he thought about the time he had taken informal cooking classes in college. Over his undergrad years he had taken almost 40 informal evening classes in cooking and massage, and had become quite good at preparing all kinds of foods. He had never imagined that his skills would ever be used to serve his wife and her lovers.

By 7 pm Aisha had arrived home too. Tariq served her coffee and then drew her bath as she went upstairs to bathe and change. As soon as Aisha had come back down, looking breathtakingly beautiful in a simple blue denim mini tube dress with matching keds. Aisha smiled at the husband, enjoying the look of pure lust in her husband’s eyes.

“Like what Quan will be enjoying all weekend?” She laughed.

“You are looking lovely Aish...Ma’am.” Tariq quickly corrected himself, making Aisha laugh more.

“Well enjoy the view while you can, the moment Quan arrives, you won’t be able to.” Aisha reminded Tariq.

And just as she had finished speaking the front door bell rang. Tariq rushed to open the door.

Quan stood in the doorway holding out his car keys which Tariq took from him.

“Hey there lover.” Aisha greeted Quan with a huge smile plastered on her face.

“Hi there babes.” Quan replied.

Aisha and Quan stood eyeing each other for a few moments, before Aisha went into Quan’s arms which engulfed her and they kissed hungrily. Tariq kept his eyes respectfully lowered.

Eventually Aisha and Quan broke away from their kiss and walked over to the sitting room, hand in hand.

“Would you care for a drink sir?” Tariq asked Quan as he sat down next to Aisha.

“Yes, I want a scotch on the rocks.” Quan replied without looking up.

“Just a glass of water for me.” Said Aisha who having come straight home from the gym was still feeling a little dehydrated.

Tariq quickly got Quan the scotch and Aisha her water, then withdrew to the kitchen to put the final touches on dinner, lay out the table, and wait for Aisha to ask for dinner. He did not have to wait too long before Aisha summoned him and asked for dinner to be laid out. Which it was in a matter of minutes.

Aisha and Quan made small talk during dinner, while Tariq stood a few feet away from them , eyes lowered as usual, serving them the three course meal. And then after dinner coffee before they retired upstairs, kissing and making out all the way up.

“Keep your cellphone handy,” Aisha called out her husband, “we’ll contact you on that if we need anything.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Tariq replied, his eyes respectfully lowered before he proceeded to clean up.

“Oh and my clothing bag is still in car, bring it up.” Quan added.

“Yes Sir,” Tariq said dutifully.

After cleaning up, Tariq went to Quan’s car and took out his bag, taking it quietly upstairs and leaving it outside the closed bedroom door. While there Tariq heard his wife’s moaning accompanied by the creaking of the bed.

“Ohmigod Quan, I have missed this sooooo much. Oooohhhhhh....” Aisha was crying out, as Tariq quickly walked away, his penis starting to harden while at the same time he again felt envious of Quan.

Eventually, Tariq decided to pass the time by watching television, but his mind too focussed on the happenings in the bedroom upstairs and he could not enjoy television so he went to his room and lay in bed, his mind abuzz with all sorts of ideas of what his wife and Quan might be doing at that time. Soon it was too much for him to bear and he *********** before falling asleep, not knowing that Quan and Aisha were still wide awake and ready for another round.

The next morning Tariq was up well before 9 a.m. after a fitful nights sleep full of vivid dreams about Quan and Aisha. He made himself coffee and breakfast and waited to be called by Aisha to take up breakfast. He had a long wait as the phone did not ring until almost noon. The nearly 3 hour wait was almost excruciating torture for Tariq as timed seemed to drag no matter what he did. He jumped nearly a mile high when his cellphone finally rang, and he saw it was Aisha calling.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Tariq answered immediately.

“We would like some breakfast now Tariq.” Aisha began. “Quan and I will split a 3 egg cheese omelette, coffee, orange juice and 4 toasts.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Tariq said, “would you like anything else?”

“Not for the moment, but have the breakfast up in twenty minutes.” Aisha said hanging up.

In record time Tariq prepared the breakfast and took it upstairs in a tray, getting to the bedroom door about 3 minutes before the 20 minutes were up. At precisely the right time Tariq knocked on the door.

“Yes, come in.” Aisha’s voice called out.

Tariq quietly opened the door and walked in with the tray. The room had an air of sex in it. He say Aisha laying in bed, but that Quan was not. Water running in the toilet told him that Quan was using the facilities.

“You can leave the tray on the dresser,” Aisha said sleepily.

“Yes Ma’am.” Tariq said, trying not to peek at his lovely wife as she lay there under the sheet, her eyes closed.

Tariq had just turned away to leave, when he saw Quan come out, stark naked. His soft penis dangling between his legs. And just as Tariq was lowering his eyes, he realized that fully soft, Quan was at least one inch longer and good bit thicker than Tariq was fully hard. No wonder Aisha was screaming for him to go deeper when they last made love, he could never do to Aisha what came so easily and naturally to Quan.

Feeling jealously, accompanied by respect for Quan, Tariq picked up Quan’s and Aisha’s clothes from the floor and took them out with him to put in the laundry. As he straightened up from picking the clothes he saw Quan alongside Aisha in bed, both sitting. The covers having fallen off Aisha, revealing her topless form and perfect breasts as she and Quan made small talk and ate breakfast.

“I am famished, you really do take a lot out of a guy.” Quan laughed over a sip of coffee, as Tariq was slipping out of the bedroom.

“Well, you filled me up real good last night Quan, and I am still famished.” Aisha laughed back.

“I doubt any man could fill you up enough to ever satisfy your hunger Aisha.” Quan said in a semi-serious tone as Tariq closed the door behind him, still hearing the two inside laughing, clearly enjoying themselves.

As was the case with the morning, the rest of the seemed to drag for Tariq. Aisha and Quan were still ensconced in the bedroom and had not summoned him since asking for breakfast. Since then, Tariq had done the laundry, pressed Quan’s clothes and washed his car carefully.

Finally around 5 pm Tariq’s cellphone buzzed again. He saw a text message from Aisha.

“Coffee, and some finger sandwiches,” was the message.

Shortly thereafter Tariq found himself knocking at his own bedroom door one more time and once again Aisha’s voice commanded him to enter.

This time the room reeked of sex. Tariq was reminded of the unmistakable odour of Aisha’s sex mixed with that of Quan’s and not seeing any used condoms, he knew that none had been used. Not that he had been expecting any. In bed, he saw Aisha lying on her back, wide away, smiling and resting with one hand behind her head. Next to her lay Quan, he too was smiling, and caressing Aisha’s thighs up and down slowly.

Again Aisha asked him to leave the food on the dresser, and he took the tray from earlier out with him as he left. This time he did not look up at all once the food had been set down. He felt like a peeping tom invading Aisha and Quan’s privacy when he saw them for just a few seconds upon entering the room.

“Oh Tariq,” Aisha called out as he was headed out.

“Yes Ma’am?” Tariq turned to face the bed, his eyes looking at the ground.

“Quan wants to take me out to dinner this evening, someplace nice, so prepare something appropriate for me.” Aisha said.

“Very well Ma’am.” Tariq said and quickly placed the breakfast try on the ground outside the door before selecting something for Aisha from her closet in the bedroom.

“And where are my clothes from yesterday?” Quan asked.

“I washed and ironed them Sir,” Tariq replied, “they are hanging in the closet right outside.”

“Good,” said Quan, and Aisha smiled at how her husband was behaving perfectly.

“The clothes I intend to wear this evening are in the bag. Iron those too.” Quan called out as Tariq left room, taking Aisha’s dress for ironing.

“Yes Sir,” said Tariq finally leaving the room.

For the next half an hour he carefully ironed clothes for his wife and her lover before taking them to the bedroom, were again Aisha lay in the bed and a running shower sound informed Tariq that Quan was bathing. Without disturbing is resting wife, Tariq quietly hung the clothes on the closet door, collected the tray and went out.

About an hour later Aisha and Quan came down where Tariq was waiting for them. He immediately lowered his eyes as they descended, Quan’s arm around Aisha’s waist.

“Don’t wait up for us Tariq, we will be late.” Said Quan as Tariq opened the door for them to leave.

“Yes Sir,” Tariq said.

Once his wife and her lover had left, Tariq went to the bedroom and opened the windows to let in some fresh air. The smell of sex was almost overpowering. He then proceeded to change the sheets, pillow cases, and towels. On the fitted bed sheet, he counted no less than 8 wet spots on his wife’s side of the bed, and was amazed at Quan’s prodigious sexual appetite and productivity. Once the cleaning had been completed, he replenished the fridge.

For the rest of the evening Tariq was left to his own devices, while Aisha and Quan went to dinner, celebrating the 1 year wedding anniversary of Quan’s best friend. Where there Aisha understood why Quan had insisted she keep her wedding band on. The looks of envy that Quan got from his friends were priceless and Aisha loved it. She felt a wonderful soreness from her night and day with Quan, who had ****** her without mercy. She was already looking forward to having Tariq’s tongue between her legs as soon as Quan left. But before that she knew that happily enough she had another night with Quan. Thorough out their time at with his friends, Quan had his hands all over Aisha, making no secret of the fact that he liked caressing her bare thighs or cupping her breasts when she sat next to him. Aisha made sure that she sat as close to Quan as possible at all times. At the same time Quan relished showing off his domination of Aisha by almost ordering her around all evening long for drinks, food, and anything else he needed, and happily Aisha obeyed without question or complaint, making Quan’s friends envy him even more, even as their wives or girlfriends gave Aisha dirty glares and angry looks.

Finally around 4 a.m. Quan drove Aisha home. Calling Tariq to inform him of their impending arrival so he could receive them at the door. Unexpectedly both were quite tired and had sex just one time before falling into deep sleep, waking up after 2 p.m. and ordering lunch in bed, which an obliging Tariq dutifully supplied.

“I must say Aisha, you have him very well trained.” Quan remarked as Tariq served them lunch.

“He has a long way to go.” Said Aisha looking haughtily at Tariq who kept quiet.

Finally, around 6 p.m. that evening Quan exited the bedroom ready to leave. Tariq spotted Quan coming down the stairs and was surprised that he had not been summoned to carry the bag to the car and ran forward to take it from Quan.

“No, its OK. I’ll see myself out, for now Aisha wants you in the bedroom immediately.” Quan stopped Tariq.

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.” Tariq said and ran to the bedroom.

Inside, Tariq saw Aisha still in bed, lying on the bed, under the covers, and it looked like she had her knees against her chest.

“You wanted to see me Ma’am?” Tariq felt that still referring to her as Ma’am was correct until he moved back into the bedroom.

“Yes Tariq, I don’t have much time, so I want you to answer quickly. Are you still committed to being a member of the BC Club?” Aisha asked.

“Yes Ma’am, I am.” Tariq replied confidently.

“Good, because here is your first opportunity to back out now.” Aisha said cryptically.

“I don’t understand Ma’am.” Tariq sounded confused. “Tariq I want you to suck, lick and swallow every last drop of *** that Quan deposited in me during our last ****. Now you have 10 seconds to decide if you can do that. If you can’t, we drop out and go back to you being the cuckold that you were before. Simple.” Aisha explained .

Tariq was aghast. Not in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined that Aisha would ever ask him to do such a thing. And to make matters worse he hardly had any time to think.

“Oh and one more thing Tariq,” Aisha intruded Tariq’s thoughts, “if you do this now, you will be expected to do this every time I have lovers over. It’s one of the rituals all hubbies perform. A kind of thank you.”

Almost hearing the clock ticking in his head, a defeated Tariq realised that he really had no choice in the matter, he had to do it. Aisha would be sorely disappointed, plus he would miss seeing her enjoying herself at the parties and finally admitting the truth to himself Tariq knew that he belonged to that BC Circle.

Slowly he walked over to the foot of the bed and got on his knees looking expectantly at Aisha, who had a look of triumph in her eyes.

“I knew it, I knew you would not let me down Tariq.” Aisha said sliding to the bottom of the bed and putting her legs over Tariq’s shoulders, her fingers keeping her ***** lips closed to prevent Quan’s *** from leaking out.

Tariq was immediately hit by a strong aroma of male *********, almost making him gag. Not even his previous oral sex sessions after the last 2 parties could match that. But realizing that he had little time, Tariq swallowed hard and moved aside Aisha’s fingers and immediately plastered his lips around her *****, as Quan’s *** slowly oozed out of Aisha into Tariq’s mouth, who waited as long as he could before swallowing, the taste almost making him throw up, an impulse he fought back, he partial erection deflating.

“That’s it Tariq, suck it all and drink down every last drop. Show me how much you enjoying my cuckolding you with Quan.” Aisha cried out breathlessly as Tariq tried to obey her.

Slowly as Quan’s ********* flow back slowed down, Tariq started to lick his wife, who moaned. Enjoying the velvety tongue on her sore *****.

“Oh I have died and gone to heaven,” Aisha cried out, “first Quan takes me there, and now you are keeping me there. I love it so much.”

As always, his wife’s reactions, made Tariq want to pleasure her even more and forgetting that it was he juices mixed liberally with Quan’s salty *** that he was swallowing, Tariq abandoned all caution and proceeded with gusto, eventually bringing Aisha to ******. Tariq emerged looking up at his wife, who gave him a lovely smile.

“Thanks Tariq, I knew you would not let me down.” She said happily.

Tariq just nodded, trying his best to get the taste of Quan’s *** out of his mouth, and failing miserably.

“Oh don’t worry about the taste,” said Aisha observing his discomfort, “you’ll get used to it soon. Took me sometime as well. But I guarantee you’ll start enjoying these sessions.”

And she was correct, less than two months later Tariq was happily lapping up yet another lover’s deposits, without a care or concern in the world. Happy to be giving Aisha something that her lovers would not as she had said, no Alpha male would ever lick his own, let alone another man’s *** out of any woman, that’s what you beta males are for and that by doing so you are only strengthening has status as a beta male. And just a little while later things had reached a point that Tariq would get immensely aroused when doing that, his mind now associating the activity with pleasure, even though the only pleasure he got was knowing that his was being pleasured.

Later, when Aisha got together with some of the other wives, they shared stories. All happily chatting away about experiences.

“So Tariq passed the first test?” Someone asked over coffee.

“Yes,” Aisha replied, “and I am surprised how easy it was.”

“Don’t be,” someone else piped in, “once these men start to accept things, they are quite pliant.”

“Still, sucking another man’s *** out like that...I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing him do that.” Aisha let her thought hang and the women around laughed.

“Of course you did, we all did. What better confirmation could he give you of his true nature?” Linda asked.

“None at all,” a few voices chorused.

“So one more test to go, and Tariq will be ready for the pool party.” Rachel said a little while later when almost all the women had left and only a few close friends of Rachel’s remained.

“What does he have to do?”Aisha asked, her curiosity unbounded.

“I think it’s time to let her know.” Linda looked over to Rachel who nodded.

“Well sweetie, it’s not so much what he has to do, but rather what he must accept.” Rachel explained.

“You know what this is?” Asked Marie, taking out from her purse a metal tube with a locking ring at its base.

“I think I have a good idea.” Aisha smiled nervously.

“Well if you do, then Tariq has to be wearing one of these full time before he can be invited to a pool party.”
Linda said.

“Why?” Aisha asked.

“Simple Aisha, one it keeps the men in check, the hornier they are, the more they want to serve, two after having being denied sex with us for so long, it is inevitable that they will be ready to explode, and the last thing we want at the pool party is hubbies running around with tent poles in their speedos drooling all over the bikini clad wives. The wives are all off limits to hubbies for sex, any kind of sex except the occasional time when we give them a mercy ****.” Linda explained seriously. “They are there to serve, they act as waiters, valets, bartenders, cooks. They are not there to ogle at scantily clad beautiful women for pleasure. Being locked up keeps them focussed on why they are there.”

“Besides, it also guarantees constant good behavior, as they know we will only take it off them when feel they have really earned the right to an erection and perhaps an ******.” Said Marie.

“Hmm, but how do you convince them to wear it? And how long do they usually keep it on between *******” Aisha asked now intrigued by the idea.

“As far as convincing them is concerned, again it isn’t as hard as you might think. You just need to wait till the right time, and then use the right attitude of disgust, annoyance, and unhappiness. And they keep it on for as long as you want them too. My David has been locked up now for a little over a year and in that time has gone roughly 4 months between erections and *******.” Nancy, another of the veterans explained.

Aisha considered Nancy, on the surface of it she looked like a perfect mother figure. In her late 40’s, slightly over-weight, but as Linda had told Aisha, ever since joining the group, Nancy had lost a lot of weight and had gained a self-confidence she had lacked before. Most women of the group considered Nancy to be the perfect boss wife, mixing domination of her husband flawlessly with her love and devotion to him, yet at the same time being a stern disciplinarian and demanding as needed. All qualities that had blossomed in her since she joined the group.

“Yes,” Rachel entered the conversation, “Tom has had his on for almost 2 years. Even when we went on our cruise vacation last year, he had it on all the time. He understands that all the sex I need from him comes from his tongue. I let him get erections every now and then, but ******* are limited to special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, and when I feel like he has really earned one.

Aisha nodded her understanding.

“Do all hubbies wear one?” Aisha asked.

“No not all. Unlike sexual abstinence for hubbies, chastity belt is not a requirement of the BC Circle.” Marie explained.

Aisha went home that evening, with the chastity tube in her bag, determined to put it on Tariq as soon as possible.
Several days passed and Aisha was unable to find just the right moment. In that time it was not uncommon for Quan, or Ty to drop by for an evening quickie, after which Tariq would run up to the bedroom the clean out Aisha. By now he had begun to relish and look forward to the job. A fact not lost on Aisha, who loved it as she grinded her ***** on Tariq’s lips as he lapped it all up.

“Oh Tariq,” Aisha said breathlessly, “that was some of the best sex we have ever had. You are amazing with your tongue.”

“Thanks darling.” Tariq said proudly. His penis twitching.

Aisha put left hand in Tariq’s underwear and started to play with his semi-hard penis. Gently squeezing and caressing it, making Tariq sigh. It had been so long since he had felt her touch there. Eventually Aisha told Tariq to take out his penis, which she then proceeded to ********** to ******, as Tariq cried out in pleasure.

“Thanks Ma’am,” Tariq cried out as he ********** into the tissue paper Aisha held against the hole of Tariq’s penis. But she stopped as soon as he started to *********, making his ****** less intense than if she continued on. Still for Tariq it was pure paradise and he breathed heavily.

“So Tariq tell me the truth, you have been ************, haven’t you?” Aisha asked accusatively.

“Yes I have, I couldn’t help myself.” Tariq answered defensively.

“Tariq, firstly I think that’s a disgusting habit, secondly you know full well that hubbies of the BC Circle are not allowed any kind of sexual relief not specifically allowed by the wife. So you clearly you are not really committed to being in the BC Circle, now are you?” Aisha asked, her voice dripping with annoyance and disgust.

“I am Aisha, I am, but it’s so difficult. You are always dressed so sexy when going out, or going to Rachel’s for a party, or when one of the Men comes over. I try to remember that your body is off limits to me, but I can’t help it. I just have to relieve myself. It’s so frustrating, wanting you all the time yet knowing I can’t have you.”

“I understand that sweetie, but at the same time I want you to remain chaste. It makes you a better husband and a better cuckold. I am sorry if this sounds selfish, but I want sexual pleasure to be about me, not you, and frankly I think the more your sexual pleasure is limited and controlled, the happier I will be. And the better cuckold you will be.” Aisha spoke in a very matter of fact manner, not hiding the fact that she did not think Tariq needed much sexual gratification.

“I see.” Said Tariq. “And I will try my best.”

“I don’t think that’s good enough Tariq, I want it to be that you are totally reliant on me for release no matter what, and that unless I want it happen, you will be helpless to relieve yourself. I know you start to get hard when you are giving me oral sex or cleaning me up after I had sex, but I want that to stop now. Erections for you must be earned.” Aisha said. “Tariq to put it simply nothing will make me happier than being in total control of your sexuality. And mind you if you think I am demanding now, I will be even more so afterwards. But I think you love me enough to want to be the perfect Circle husband, and join a very select few who are in the same boat. ” Aisha said confidently.

“But how?” Tariq asked swallowing hard, knowing that he really had no choice in the matter.

“With this.” Aisha said, reaching into her bedside table draw and taking out the chastity tube. “This is the second and last chance you have to drop out of the circle, if you don’t agree to let me put it on you, we will leave the group because I think having the tube is the final and most important commitment you can make to the Circle’s ideals.”

“A chastity tube?” Tariq asked surprised. He had often fantasized about being locked up in one of those, but always felt that Aisha would think it silly. And he understood why the tube represented the ultimate acknowledgement of the Circles ideals that men like him were beta males meant to serve with no expectation of reward or sexual pleasure, and that their wives bodies were off limits sexually. The tube was a guarantee and ironclad expression of that fact.

“Oh good you know what it is. I want to lock you in it right now Tariq.” Aisha said forcefully, leaving Tariq in no doubt that she meant it. “So sit at the edge of the bed and let your ****** and balls hang over.” Aisha told Tariq, who slowly did as she asked and spread out his knees as Aisha kneeled between them.

Aisha took Tariq’s penis in her hand and he started to get hard again, drawing a look of annoyance from her. Still as much as he tried not to, he kept getting hard. Aisha got fed up and got some ice from the mini fridge in the bedroom. She rubbed the ice all over Tariq penis and almost immediately it deflated, allowing Aisha to quickly slip on the tube, and lock it around Tariq’s balls.

“There, all nice and snug. Won’t be troubling you anymore Tariq.” Aisha stepped back and admired her handy work. “Just how it should be.” She said kissing Tariq on his forehead and cupping his testicles softly. “I hope you enjoyed the ****** I just gave you, it’ll be your last for quite a while sweetie.” Aisha said sweetly walking away, her sexy gait making Tariq desire her even more. He felt his penis start to rise, but the small cruel metal tube did its job perfectly not allowing him much room to get even partially erect.

That night Tariq’s sleep was greatly disturbed. He had vivid dreams of Aisha with one man after another, each ravishing her body while Tariq cleaned up after. Each time his penis tried to get hard only to be painfully prevented by the tube. So restless did he become that Aisha eventually ordered him to go and sleep in the room next to the kitchen, as he was causing her too much disturbance. It took several weeks before Tariq became fully accustomed to the tube imprisoning his penis. In that time Aisha did not make it easy for him, making out with him lots and demanding plenty of oral sex too. Hooking up with one of the Men several times a week, keeping Tariq’s tongue exceptionally busy, making his lust for her grow by leaps and bounds. Aisha herself was least concerned with effect she was having on her husband and it did not even occur to her to release him, even for a little bit. As she had warned Tariq, she had completely forgotten about his sexual pleasure.

Finally, Aisha felt that she could now happily accept an invitation to one of the group’s pool parties. Now that Tariq was ready to provide service. She felt that it was important that he be there as a hubby, one of the few who were there because they met the qualification of being belted. Aisha wanted to show Tariq off to the other women, particularly the ones who had not as yet belted their own husbands. Plus Aisha really enjoyed seeing her husband serve.

“I have volunteered you for massage duty.” Aisha said after explaining what the pool party was about. There was no Circle. Only a handful of belted hubbie’s were present, while all the Men were invited. While not a true sex party, it was not uncommon for the wives to end up in the bedroom upstairs at least once during the day.

“Finally, all those extra-curricular classes you took in college are being put to good use. You are an excellent masseur, so your services will be much sought after.” Aisha explained to a nodding Tariq. “And remember all the women there will be very scantily dressed, perhaps even topless, keep your eyes lowered at all times, gawking at the women is strictly prohibited, you must not be seen to lust after anyone’s body. In fact keep your eyes closed when you giving a massage to a woman, it’ll make things easier for you. Understood?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Tariq replied knowing that the day would not be easy for him.

Two days later they were once again at Rachel’s house. Aisha asked Tariq to accompany her upstairs so they could change. She changed into a pink string bikini as Tariq caught sight of her walking over to him, quickly dropping is eyes.

“Here,” said Aisha holding out something in her hand. “This is for you,” she said giving her husband a black speedo.
As Tariq slipped it on, he realized that it was size too small for him, clearly showing off his chastity tube. “It’s too small,” Tariq pointed out thinking Aisha had selected a small size by accident.

“It’s perfect. That’s the uniform for the hubbies.” Aisha explained without further elaboration and Tariq knew better than to ask for one as he followed her down to the pool, eyes still lowered more out fear than respect. Fear of what he would feel if he saw her in that incredibly skimpy bikini. He had to remind himself that his purpose was to serve her not expect her to be his personal sexual gratification object, the time for that had long passed and he had willingly and happily accepted his new role as her servant.

“Your massage table is in the corned under the awning,” said Tom as Tariq and Aisha entered the pool area, “massage oils and towels are also there.”

“Thanks Tom.” Tariq said finally looking up as Aisha went to join the crowd at the pool. Tariq saw that Tom too was dressed in speedos that appeared to be a size small for him, and his chastity tube clearly visible.

“Yeah welcome to the club,” Tom chuckled as he noticed Tariq staring at his crotch.

“How long have you been locked up?” Tariq could not help asking.

“Well over a year now.” Tom replied.

“And how often are you let out?” Again Tariq could not stop himself from asking the question, hoping to get some idea of how often he could expect Aisha to let him out.

“Sorry buddy, can’t share that information with you. We hubbies are not allowed to share that kind of information.” Tom said.

“Oh.” Said a disappointed Tariq and he walked over to the massage table.

It was not easy for Tariq to keep his eyes lowered as he could hear the laughs and chattering of the crowd at the pool. And occasionally he did look up, only to see the wives hanging on to their partners, and a couple of two walking inside headed for the bedrooms upstairs. He saw Aisha with a new lover, the two having a blast together as his hands explored her bikini clad body all over, and she hung on with her arms around him. But he did not see them head upstairs together, but later Aisha informed him that they had gone and spent about an hour.

Several women came over to Tariq for massages and tanning oil and sun screen application. A duty he did with as much perfection as he could. And he had followed Aisha’s advice keeping his eyes closed as much as possible not trusting himself not to gawk. The day was not easy for him at all, but he got thru it.

About a week later Aisha’s newest lover dropped by for an evening quickie with Aisha leaving, a huge load in her for Tariq to clean up.

“That was a massive load. Took forever to clean up!” Tariq remarked after he had finished lapping it up. His penis throbbing in its metal prison. After being locked up for so long, he longed for pleasurable release, but he knew better than to ask.

“Well what do you expect, he only had time to **** me once, and each of his testicles is almost as big as both of yours put together, so naturally the load was massive.” Aisha pointed out, and they both burst out laughing.

“I am very happy that you enjoy making love with all your lovers.” Said Tariq.

"We don't call it 'making love' in the club. It's nothing but *******, pure and simple. That's like confusing scratching an itch with caressing a lover. They're entirely different. I love you, and always will. It's just that I have an itch that you can't scratch, because of the dirty trick Mother Nature played on you. You can't help the fact your penis is too small to satisfy me, and I can't help the fact I need big *****. It's just the way it is." Aisha explained her thinking, and Tariq found himself nodding in agreement.

The husband and wife lay cuddling in bed, talking late into the night. Enjoying each others closeness and company. The talk was about all that happened to their lives in the past few months and both agreed that all the changes had been for the better. And that Tariq’s initial scepticism was entirely misplaced. He confessed he was happier now than he had ever been before in his life. He had found his right place and Aisha hers. Life was indeed good!

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Jan 10, 2013