First Time My Hot Jewish Wife Cuckolded Me.

We were newlyweds, working at different business' when she told me this guy who made deliveries to her place had hit on her. Instead of feeling upset, I got an instant erection. I told her to be nice to him and see what he does. Next she comes home from work and said she kissed him when they were alone. I was so aroused she blew me right there and then. She was such a good **** sucker. I knew she wanted other men to know how good she was. Then one night she came home from work late. I could tell something was up, so I asked her if she saw her friend. She said she stayed after work with friends for drinks and he was there. They snuck out to the parking lot to her car to smoke some herb and started kissing and she went down on him. She was ashamed so I encouraged her, telling her I loved her and was proud of her. She continued telling me that she *********** while she sucked him and she came while she sucked him. He got so excited and he came and shot a huge load of *** and she swallowed it all. I had to take her right there and then. She was soaked and hotter than I'd ever seen her. From that day forward I was a cuckold. So proud and devoted to my hot Jewish wife.
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great feeling to be a cuck isn't it