Negative Energy

Wow have I just gone through an experience. I am in a polygamy relationship with two wonderful people but not everyone we know agrees with our choice of lifestyle. That's OK, it's not for everyone but we had to realize that we shouldn't let everyone we love into our business. An opinion is like a butthole lol everyone has one but we don't have to allow their negatives about it affect us. My possible sister wive and I had to come to an understanding when others are involved. I'm no longer gonna allow negative energy to seep into my life. If u don't like that fact that I'm sharing MY MAN then u don't have to. Plz keep it to yourself lol. We can make it work!!
amorousqueen amorousqueen
26-30, F
1 Response May 21, 2012

How are things in your relationship going now if you dont mind me asking?