The Black-Eyed Kids (BEK)

One of the mysteries that never fails to instil fear within me is the BEK phenomenon. Black-Eyed Kids (BEK),known to have made their 'debut' in 1998, are children (I doubt it if they were..wohoo) of average looking adolescents or teenagers,mostly boys(as how the encounters reported),have completely solid black eyes. That means no visible sclera,iris or cornea could be detected upon seeing their faces. These kids,usually travel in a group of 2,would ask for a favor(eg. the need to make a call,hitch a ride etc) and the gist is to be welcomed to enter a medium (eg.your house,car etc). Supposedly people who encounter them would feel some sorts of unsettled fear,unnerved and mostly would find themselves reluctant to grant BEK entry. BEK were seen to have normal dress code, they are strangely polite and very articulate for their age. However, they can get very insistent if their request is not met,as the intuitive fear within those who had encountered BEK just won't permit them in. Stories about them are widely circulated over the net,and made famous by Brian Bethel,an author with credentials who wrote an article about his personal experience with BEK. It's one phenomenon that leaves me unsatiated with curiosities, and it's not easy to dismiss such as urban legend.Are BEK children or human beings? What happen if you let them in? I doubt it if those who actually let them in would still be alive to testify to the story,up to this day.
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yea im watching a documentary on them right now. its fascinating, apparently many ppl are seeing these kids. by the way they are dubbing them "Black-Eyed Children". in 2011 it hit the internet hard apparently. This is very interesting. I do not know much about them. I dont think that they are ghosts or demons by any means, but possibly aliens since this 1900's psychic, Edgar Casey, guy spoke of these "children" , coming in the next century, having higher capabilities then normal humans.

Often wounded this myself..What If you let them in?some call em emotional vampires feeding off negative,intimidate you with their Stares.Sounds nice they consume your negative vibes,then again no one has never got that far with a BEK,without tripping out.then again there has been a recent report of any BEK.

*Hasn't been a recent report,sorry auto correct

Hi guys, im a paranormal investigator researching the BEK's. Im looking to get in touch with people who have had a similar experience. contact me on

They feed on fear,lol..well,i'm not sure if it's the right place to post this.