Black Out

I was 17 at the time my best mates decided to have a party at her house and we invited a number old school mates. The party was well underway and everyone had had far to much to drink. I decided to go upstairs for a lie down and catch some rest. Once I had got upstairs, I went into the spare bedroom which was directly opposite the toilet.

Anyway I was lying on the bed and I could this really cute boy that I used to go to school with. When he saw me, he came into the bedroom. Unknowingly, we started kissing so passionately that we closed the door. I felt him taking my clothes off slowly once we were on the bed. I could feel his finger inside me and I was getting really tired.

The next thing i noticed when i opened my eyes, he was gone and everyone were downstairs laughing. It turned out I had fallen asleep and he kept going. It was embarrassing and I've never lived it down.
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As others have said, that is rape, and you need to report it!

I'm a man, left the club with a guy, went back to his place, drank and passed out, in the morning he said don't u remember <br />
? I creamed in ur bottom, omg, that's ? my bottom was sore and all stickey, he said I also gave him a great *******!

Put him in prison. I mean, come on. He raped you and you have witnesses.

What a bunch of *****, hope he was the only one though that got his way with you. Would hate to come downstiars and have all the guys say you gave them a freebe. That would be teriable.

OMG not only does he rape u but then goes and jokes about it

what? they were laughing about it? 'hey remember that time you were date raped? that was hilarious!'<br />
that is terrible

Pretty reprehensible behavior on his part. You do not take advantage of a lady like that.