Why Am I Naked?

My last blackout experience was an interesting one. I don't remember alot but the next day I couldn't help but laugh at myself. My husband and I went out with a few friends from work as a going away party because we just recently moved. Normally I handle my liquor very well. Better than beer even. I was slamming them down..we all were..we knew it was definatly going to be a taxi ride home night. I was standing up at the bar waiting for our drinks..and I got into a drunk conversation with a lady. Well I took the mistake of taking part of a shot that she was given and chasing it with her beer. And damn it all went down hill. I remember standing outside the bar at closing time with my group waiting for our taxi and falling down..and thats all. Apparently we went and sat in our car because it was freezing out and the cab never came well a pizza hut delivery guy pulled up and asked if we needed a ride..it was the same guy that had delivered pizza to my house earlier! Apparently they had to make a few stops for me to get sick. And the walk to my apartment was the longest. I do vaguely remember the long hall and wondering how the hell I was gonna get to the door. My husband and friend had to drag me into the house where they immediately took me to the bathroom to get sick again. And then they ******** me put me in the tub and bathed me. That I do not remmeber. I did wake up though..and I was cold. I dont know why but I walked out into the living room and saw my friend laying on the floor sleeping..I looked down and I was naked. I was like WTF? But hurridly staggered to my room to pass out again. I think I am getting too old for the drunk til you pass out scene. The next day was a living hell!
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Perhaps, and I'm sorry about the getting sick part, but at least you know you have great people that care enough to help you get home and take care of you.