I'm Lucky Nothing Happened.....

I was about 13 or 14, and I got totally shitfaced, I think I drank an entire 24 of beer plus some that night, and if I'm remembering correctly pot was involved too. I blacked out four or so times that night. and except for one chica, all were men older than us both they were ages 18 up to like 25 I believe and it's a possibility that some were older. First time I blacked out, was in an empty room, I remember some guy flirting with me, and chatting me up and then I woke up and most of me was laying in a closet. Umm Second time I blacked out I had went to pee, and the last thing I remembered was being on the toliet.....woke up against the door with my pants pulled up half way, I don't even know how much time had passed. Then I blacked out randomly on a couch, with a few guys, the last thing i remember there was a guy asking "are you drunk ma" and then generally asking if I was okay, cause I had to practically crawl across them to sit down, cause I damn well couldn't walk. Oh and then I went outside to get air and smoke.....Cops were pulling into the trailer park I was at.....and I was lucky and not so lucky a tree was blocking my drunk ***, cause I was like oh **** cops, went to hide and fell running to the tree lmao. But sometimes I wish i would've gotten caught, cause then I would've straightened my *** up. There were a few other random blackouts that night, but none are that important, and none have people around, cept a friend hiding in the freaking dryer in the laundry room and me hiding in bed pretending to be asleep when cops came in the place.
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Blackouts are showing us our minds are deterorating. Soon we will babble more than before.