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Once Or........................

I was home alone one afternoon after my first wife had left me. Why would she leave the perfect husband, you might ask. She failed to see my finer qualities while focusing on the one or two bad things. Anyway, I had a bottle of Tequila. Thought I'd have a shot. Then another and another. You see where this is going, don't you? After some unknown period of drinking, I apparently went to sleep on the sofa. I awakened at 1:00 the following afternoon on the sofa with no clothes on and a bath towel draped over my mid section. Looking around, everything was in it's proper place. The doors were closed, my vehicle in the driveway and my thoughts raced. Had I been outside and a neighbor brought me in and put me to bed? What happened? Who drank all my Tequila? That one was easy. My mouth tasted like crap. I was hesitant to call anyone to ask what could have happened. Not sure I wanted to know. A few hours later, my phone rang. Oh no! On the other end was a girl I'd been................seeing. After small talk, in a sexy tone, she asked, did you enjoy last night as much as I did? To which I replied, oh yes! That was great! I vaguely remembered her being there or I wanted to remember anyway. Unsure. Could you possibly wake up naked after drinking Tequila and not have had a good time ? Remind me to tell you about the time I was sitting in the bar talking to two women and............
pentupfreedom pentupfreedom 46-50, M 5 Responses May 21, 2012

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Tequila.................................................'nuff said. ;)

oh my kind of like my 21st b-day and i was dancing on the bar table tops half naked hee hee i learned my lesson for sure

I want to hear the story that you mentioned in the last paragraph, Pent! Tell us this one, please!

I will later

When exactly is "later"? Cause I want to know....

Brats are both you and Pent! I want the story. He will not comply. LOL! Pent does not comply! LOL!

Ha!! You can always rely on problem is too big for that tasty elixir

I've done some crazy stuff on tequila

You know it happens to best of us... don't ya hate that you can't remember the good stuff though..; )

She came.....over more than once

Whew... you had me worried there handsome...; )

Was it Jose'.... will make you take your clothes off... ya know....Cuervo.....Oye"


that was one of the more better reason's i gave up drinking & smoking over 12yrs ago

Smokey..flavor and a worm.."para todo mal..para todo bien" .for everything bad Mezcal..for everything good...

Good for you on the smoking...

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