"thank You"

i went to a party. i drunk a lot. while returning back in my car i needed to pee. so i got off the car and peed. i felt uneasy so decided to lie down a few mins in my car before driving again. the few mins became few hours when i woke up at around 5 am in the morning. i was lying stark naked (thank god in my car). i had *** dripping from my holes and also face covered in ***. i saw my windshield where it was written with my lipstick"we thank you for an awesome night ! U made our dreams come true ! ! "
lonelyheena lonelyheena
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It sounds like you need a spanking

kisne mari tumahri choot

That's insane ..damn

That is my new dream now to fill you and cover your lovely face and sexy body with ***

Well damn! All that fun and too drunk to know...sad

We did that sorta, by accident. Me, my girlfriend and out best friend went out to a club. We all had some drinks, but she was in a great mood and got absolutely plastered. We left and she could hardly walk so I loaded her into the back of my suv and I told her to get some sleep on the way home. She then started undressing and we just watched until she was completely naked. I decided we should both have sex with her although I would have never had even thought of that before. It was great for us and I don't know if she ever even knew if it even happened because she never mentioned later. I still wonder about that night.

Any clue how many there were?


what would u do if u knew whom it was?

probably nothing!!

WOW!!! what a night


wow......lucky guys who got to hve thr way with sumone as hot as u...i gues more gals shud get drunk and black out ;-)


hey honey! have you ever thought about doing it again, this time sober! just see what takes off.

Im sure there was alot of ***! I would have enjoyed the hell out of you!


Wow .. they wud have enjoyed with you ;) Hope u liked it too.

Did u feel an after effect of grt ******

is it true or its ur dream?

Sounds very kool.................add me

this is why you got that message from me, i wanna hang out with you sometime

awww! when can i do that???????????????????

Sounds like a wild evening. Has any of your memory come back about it?


Is this real

Wish I was there .... I'd just luv 2 *** all over u nd in U xxxx lol

damn you didnt know you are **** and ******** too **** so cool...

heena, Kashhh mai bhi un Lucky guys me hota.....anyways...i cud only imagine....hw u wud hv enjoyed by strangers......

that really strange<br />
tumhe pata bhi nhe chala ke kya hua tumhare sath


gr8 you cud not feel yourself ***

Thats mean you are raped by those boys

so u also enjoyed or .... u dont know any thing

did you ever find out who the ******** were who raped you while you were passed out?


i'm sorry but no matter how horny and turned on I get I could never do it with a passed out girl to bad I wasn't their to protect you don't really know if you liked it or not you didn't say but I would have messed up their evening, and made sure you got home safe. please add me

Wow, I'm sorry that happened to you. People and especially men will take advantage of you while you are out of it. Lessorn learned, I hope.

Damn girl. .. I can just imagine how that was -- in your case you were prolly wishing - you were half awake when it happened :P<br />
<br />
Did you let run down your thighs ... A partner once told me that she loves it when she stands up and my *** drips down her things as she gets us something to drink... gives her goose bumps and raring for another session!

So even by instinct you are sexy, subconciously... lol<br />
<br />
Kiss...<br />

they r cowards not men for having raped u when u cud not enjoy it. forget about asking for more. take care in future.

It must have been pretty scary. Knowing that others had a wonderful time with you but you probably dont even remember anything. So what is the moral of the story...never get too drunk that you cant even remember what happens around you. There are guys who take advantage of that. I hope you are okay now and sorry that this happened to you.

You like it this way ? being raped ..but its joy able

so you happy with this?<br />
actually u are raped