At Some Point

I wake up on a couch or underneath a table or bathroom sink. Sometimes, I have flashes of memory; other times, I have to really search for the last moment I can remember. There's always a moment when I mention that I need some water or need to sit down, that I don't feel well. Sometimes, I don't even remember those moments, but I'm told they always happen. Good thing I'm around friends most of the time I end up drunk (Often as I enjoy a drink, I don't get drunk often).
I actually prefer blacking out to any drunken whining and ranting I sometimes do. Too bad I can't choose to just flip a switch and choose which my drunken self does. lol.
itworkedintheory itworkedintheory
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Hey so I blacked out. Pretty sure I did nothing wrong. I left the bar with my girl friend and came home at the same time. I ended up kissing a dude and then blacked out..inside the bar. I was completely intact..panties, bra, purse, etc. plus I had spotting from birth control and I'm sure it would have been more obvious. But it's freaky to know people black out. It was my first time drinking alot in 18 months

I always make sure I'm around reliable people when I drink heavily. You sure nothing happened to you? :/

My friend was in the bar too. We left together and came home together,