Being an alcoholic, I've blacked out many's the worst.  To not remember what you've done the night before.  Wake up feeling like crap and bewildered as well.  Hopefully I'll never deal with that again.

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I am really glad you recognize the fact that you are an alcoholic and i pray you are doing something to help you deal with what i do consider to be a disease. As a child of an alcoholic, daily binging, and a violent alcoholic i pray that u get some help as i can assure you that your loved ones are scared to death for you and sadly if you get behind the wheel of a car, well u know what could happen. Please get help, if you aren't already, too many people are in pain over your disease. NO JUDGEMENT just an encouraging though. Be well!!

I think the worst is when you do not remember but everyone else does. I have apparently done some pretty embarassing things so I have cut way back on the consumption.