Blackhawk Mines Corp - Duties Of A Boiler Maker And Welders

Boiler Makers are very vital in fact without them the industry would run because basically they are involved in the design, construction, maintenance or repair of different metal products by joining parts using a variety of welding methods, either manually or by using machines making them very significant within the mining and gas industry. So without them, who will construct these boilers?
Both jobs, Boiler makers and Welders, have basically the same type of job in the industry. It is usually very involved and dangerous at the best of times.
Boilermakers have two main tasks. These tasks are frequently engaged in oxy acetylene gas torch set to cut or gouge steel plates and tubes. Followed by gas tungsten arc welding, shielded metal arc welding or gas metal arc welding to attach and mend the cut sections of tubes and steel plates.
Without these tiny little parts the industry would not work at all, that is how vital their role is. Parts that are finished are used to complete structures and equipment in the mining industry. Boiler Makers / Welders may vary their works due to welding specialization, such as custom fabrication, pressure vessel welding, pipeline construction welding, structural construction welding or machinery and equipment repair welding, each have different approach in welding therefore requires different approach from the welder.
Before one can enter a company if one would like to be employed in the mining industry in Australia, one must consider two things in a company they are applying for. He also might have to acquire specialties in certain fields by working for a company that’s mining a particular surface or a certain underground resource. There are generally only two major differences in the companies that hire them, the size of the company and the type of material that is being mined.
You might also have to keep in mind that Australian mines have also changes to keep up with the times so many different types of machinery and plant equipment that each job description could vary a lot. Mining companies needs definitely have changed over time with advancements in technology and also the wide and varied locations, this means that the job of the Boiler Maker / Welder may also change overtime.

Skills one must possess to become a boiler maker or welder:

Trade qualification Certificate III in Engineering (Fabrication) obtained through an apprenticeship.
Recognition of existing skills, experience or other qualifications.
Experience in similar industries, maybe in manufacturing or agriculture. • Enjoy technical work and have commitment to accuracy.
Be physically fit and are safety conscious.
Team player, have an ability to adapt to shift work and maybe long hours.
Willing to work away from home and travel.
No skin or breathing allergies.
Do not suffer from claustrophobia, which is the fear of confined spaces.

Remember, in any job that you do you will not succeed unless you are happy with it. If this is what you really want then more likely you are fit for the job

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Jan 8, 2013