Cheating Mom Blackmailed

3 weeks ago I was supposed to go to the cinema with friends after work. I wasn't feeling well when my shift ended so I cancelled and had them drop me home on the way. Mom's car was at home but the door was locked. We lived in a pretty secluded area so the door was rarely locked when someone was home. I opened it and stepped inside to the low sound of romantic music.I was surprised since Dad was away with work for the whole week. I decided to investigate quietly. I crept down the hall to the living room. The door was slightly ajar and the music was definitely coming from the room. I peeked in and quickly pulled my head back. My heart was racing. There was a stranger on the couch with his pants around his ankles and someone who looked suspiciously like my mother was sucking him off. I didn't know what to do. My head told me to leave but another part of me wanted to watch. An increasingly large part as it happened"Oh God Linda" A voice drifted from the room "You suck a ****!""Well I used to get enough practice" Mom responded "I needed to be good to get my bastard of a husband to do anything. I can't wait to be ****** by someone who wants it"I peeked around the corner to see her mouth slide back over his hard ****. He held the back of her head as she went to work on him again, slurping loudly. I stared at her chubby *** as she bobbed up and down. After a few minutes the guy stated that he was going to ***"Not yet you don't!" Mom said standing up "How about returning the favour?""Sorry but I need to *** Linda!" He said removing his pants completely "What!? But you said..." Mom protested as he got up and pushed her to the couch.I thought about stepping in as mom didn't seem too happy. I was frozen in place though staring at her giant orbs as they rested on her chest. With a grin on his face he lined his **** up and drove it in to her as deep as he could. Mom moaned and seemed to be happy with it so I stayed where I was "Oh Steve!" She moaned wrapping her legs around his back "**** me Steve, I need a man to make me ***!"He started to **** her as hard as he could, his ispistoning in and out of my mother as I watched. Within a couple of minutes he started to groan"Oh! I'm gonna *** Linda! God I'm *******!" He said pushing as deep inside her as he could.Mom clearly didn't have an ****** but Steve didn't seem to care. He pulled out of her and grabbed his pants. He sat next to her on the couch with a big smile on his face"That was great Linda!" He beamed "Gimme a call and we can do it again sometime""Ya Sure" Mom replied politely a look of disappointment on her face. She had clearly been left disappointed. On the other hand I felt as though she deserved it for cheating. Suddenly I realised Steve was leaving and I hurried back down the hall. I stepped in to the kitchen and hid. Steve walked past and out the front door. Next I heard mom's footsteps.She passed too and climbed the stairs. I heard the bathroom door close and the shower start. I sighed in relief. I sat at the kitchen table a million thoughts running through my head.
Then I felt angry at her for cheating.Then I felt that she deserved to be satisfied and dad has no interest in doing it. The strangest feeling though was one of jealousy towards this Steve guy. I realised that more than anything else I wished it was me that was ******* my mom. I ran through the event again in my head. I thought about how hot she looked sucking on a ****. I thought about her freshly shaved ***** and how I would have been happy to return the favour and eat her out.As I heard the shower shut off upstairs I thought about the ramifications of what I had seen. She and dad didn't have much of a marriage but if they divorced because of her cheating she would have nowhere to live and no income.On top of that, mom would really struggle with the shame of being exposed as a cheat. As much as she may not have liked it she couldn't afford for dad to find out about this. I realised that I had some very powerful information.
Over the next few weeks I thought about what to do with the power I had. I didn't like the idea of exposing mom and causing pain for both her and dad but I felt she needed to be punished. The more I thought about it, the more I tried to convince myself it was a win-win situation anyway. I would get what I want, she would have her dirty secret kept hidden and as an added bonus she would finally have somebody to please her. 3 weeks after catching her cheating, I had waited for Dad to leave on business again. He was out of town for the next 2 nights at a conference. Mom walked in to the kitchen smiling "So what time are you going to that party Jonathan?" She asked"I don't think I will mom, I'm not really in the mood to go out. I think I'll stay in"A look of shock crossed her face. I had told her a week ago, once dad would be out of town that there was a party I wouldn't miss for the world tonight. I hoped it might give her ideas and lead her to call someone to ****"Oh!" She said “Why? I meanyou seemed really excited about it" "I dunno mom" I lied "Just not interested. There are some good movies on if you wanna watch one with me""Eh...well sure. I was going to have a...ummfriend over but I'll call her and cancel""No don't cancel on my account. I'll watch in my room have your friend over""No!" Mom said nervously "No, I can see her anytime. I want to spend some time with my son instead. I'll just go give her a call"As soon as mom left the room I jumped up and followed her. I took the stairs 3 at a time after she rounded the corner at the top. I heard her door close and crept down the hall. I pressed my ear to the door. It was a struggle to hear but I could just about make out her what she was saying. She was telling Steve that he couldn't come over. He clearly wasn't taking it well as she had to keep fending him off. She told him something had come up. He must have been suggesting somewhere else to meet as she was saying she couldn't get out tonight. I went back downstairs with a smile on my face and put a bottle of wine in the fridge.
I showered and headed downstairs at about 7 o’clock. Mom was in the living room.I hesitated for a second worried about the ramifications of blackmailing my own mother for sex. It could have had a fatal effect on our relationship. She could have been so disgusted by the idea that she preferred to just come clean to dad, meaning they would divorce. I took a deep breath and went in"Would you like a glass of wine mom?" I asked casually "Oh, sure honey. Thanks" She said.I walked to the kitchen wondering how to approach the subject. I decided it would be easier after a few drinks. Mom very rarely drank so I hoped the wine would affect her. I poured 2 glasses and went back to the living room, bringing the bottle as well. Mom drank her first glass pretty quickly. I presumed she was a little disappointed at not getting to be used and disappointed tonight. I'm not a big wine drinker so I sipped at my glass, my confidence growing as she quickly refilled hers. We sat and drank in quietness watching the film as the sky darkened outside. After about an hour as it got dark enough for her not to be able to see the fear in my eyes, I decided it was time. Mom had slowed but was filling her 4th glass by that time. I finished my second and sat it down "Sorry for ruining your plans for tonight mom?" I said "No problem." She replied focused on the TV"So...was Steve upset?" I said as confidently as I could "No...What? Who?" She said nervously"The guy you were going to **** tonight. You know the one you ****** on this couch 3 weeks ago"My heart was racing at this stage. I tried to keep my cool. I had taken her by surprise but I didn't want to come across as angry about her cheating"What are you talking about Jonathan?" She laughed unconvincingly "3 weeks ago. When I came home early and you were on your knees here sucking a guy off. I wasn't the last guy to *** earlier than expected that day either, remember?" I said" saw? Oh ****! Oh **** no!" She said her eyes welling up.I sat there like a dumbass, not sure what to say next. I decided to wait for her to say something. She wiped at her eyes and took a gulp from her wine "You're going to tell your father aren't you? Of course you are. Why wouldn't you? You caught your mother being a dirty ****" She said.I wasn't sure what to do. I sat there again waiting. I was hoping for inspiration"Why did you do it mom?" I asked as compassionately as I could "I don't know honey" She sniffled "Your father and I have drifted apart. ****, I shouldn't be talking about this with you" "No go on" I said"Well it's just so frustrating. I mean he never wants to do it. I never wantedto cheat but eventually you have to say enough is enough.Now I'm ruined. Your dad will divorce me and I'll have nothing"This was the kind of mindset I was hoping for her to be in. One of desperation where she would try to bargain and maybe consider things she wouldn't have previously. Then her brow furrowed and she caught me off guard"Why are you bringing this up now?" She asked "It happened 3 weeks ago, how come it's taken you so long to confront me?"This was the sort of opportunity I was looking for and yet I was suddenly nervous. I didn't know what to say "Jonathan?" She quizzed"Well...uh...I was thinking about what I should do mom""What do you mean?""Well, telling dad is only going to hurt him and you two getting divorced is going to hurt you right? How is that going to help anyone?""You're right honey!" She exclaimed with hope in her eyes "This can be our little secret. It's partly your father's fault anyway if he even wanted sex once a month I would never have cheated""I get that mom. You have needs. You deserve to be satisfied. So are you going to keep cheating?" I challenged"No!" She replied quickly "Never!""Well, that's not really the answer I was looking for mom..."Now she looked truly confused"What are you talking about Jonathan? I don't understand""We both agree you deserve to be satisfied mom and dad certainly isn't going to do it. When I saw you a few weeks ago I was angrybut I felt something else too. I was jealous mom"Her eyes widened in shock. There was no turning back now. She knew exactly what I wanted"Jonathan, I'm your mother. What are you talking about?" She said in disgust "You're a ***** with needs, mom. I could definitely satisfy you a hell of a lot better than that Steve that's for sure. On top of that dad would get to remain oblivious to your cheating and wouldn't have to worry about arguing about sex anymore. Everyone's a winner""Everyone's a winner?" She gasped "We are mother and son, we can't have sex! This is crazy Jonathan!With that she stood up and gathered her things. She grabbed the bottle of wine and headed for the door. I was scared I had blown the chance. Now I had ruined my relationship with my mother too. I tried to remain calm and confident "Think about it mom. I didn’t find my mom when she was ******* Steve rather I could see a **** there. I really don't want to tell dad, how much **** his wife is!" I said.She paused briefly at that last comment. Then she carried on out of the room and up the stairs"I'll be here if you change your mind or be ready for the worst!" I shouted after her arrogantly.
I sat on the couch alone. I was cursing myself for ever bringing this issue up. It seemed almost certain that I had blown it. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer. I headed back to the living room and wished I could have gone back 10 minutes and said nothing.I sat watching TV for an hour before I heard some movement upstairs. I heard light footsteps on the stairs. Mom pushed the door open gently and stepped inside. Her eyes looked a little glazed. I remembered that she had taken the wine with her. It looked as though she had polished it off "Jonathan, we need to talk" She said seriously and sat down "Is there any chance you will reconsider? A divorce isn't any benefit to you either you know""Look mom, I don't want that to happen. But what you did was wrong. You can't put on a show like you did and then expect me to carry on like nothing happened. Who wouldn't have been turned on by you that day? I'm giving you the opportunity to avoid a divorce and to get what you want to!""No Jonathan, it's not what I want because it's immoral. It just can't happen" She sighed and rubbed her eyes "Look, let's make a deal. We can't have sex but...""No" I interrupted "But!" She continued glaring at me "What ifjust this one time...I give you a *******?"My heart fluttered. She had eased her stance slightly. This was a good sign. I wasn't willing to give in to her counter proposal totally though. I needed to stay in control"Well mom... I can see where you're coming from." I rubbed my stubble as if considering a response "I was obviously hoping for a lot more. I'm going to need a few things from you if I'm going to agree" "Jonathan!" Mom chastened "This is already way, more than should ever happen. You know that""I disagree but nevertheless I don't need much more. Just a couple of presentation issues more than anything""Ok" She sighed "Such as?""I want you to make yourself up as if you are going out, say to a big ball or fancy restaurant or something. I want you to put on a sexy nightie or teddy, something short and revealing. It's got to be at least short enough for me to see the tops of your thigh high stockings that you will be wearing inside your heels. Ya...I think that will do""Ok fine" Mom said getting up and heading for the door "Oh, there's one more thing I need you to wear""What?""A slutty smile!" I said and she headed up the stairs.
I sat on the couch as Mom got ready upstairs. My heart was pounding through my chest as I waited. She was taking a long time but after 20 minutes I heard the click of heels on the stairs. I held my breath as she stepped into the room. She was wearing a full length gown covering her attire. She looked very awkward about the whole episode. Her hand went to the bow holding the robe closed"So...should we...get started?" She asked nervously "Here?" I said "Where you give other men ********? I want to go to your bed"I got up and walked out of the room as she protested. I climbed the stairs and sat on the bed in my parent's room. Mom trudged in behind me"Jonathan it's not too late!" She pleaded "We can forget all about this, I'll never mention it again"I stared at her, smiled and shook my head. She resigned herself to the fact that she was going to suck her son's ****. Clearly she took comfort from the fact that she believed that would be the end of the matter. She stood in front of me and took a deep breath. She undid her robe and let it fall to the floor. Her head immediately dropped in shame, preventing her from seeing the look of absolute amazement and lust on my face. As my eyes returned to her face after taking in every inch of her body. I beckoned her towards me.She slowly trudged to the bed and stood in front of me. I scooted back on the bed and patted it, telling her to join me. I put my hands behind my head and flicked my eyes towards the crotch of my pants. She took a deep breath and reached for the zip. She opened it slowly and carefully. I lifted my *** off the bed a little and she tugged the pants and boxers down. My semi erect **** flopped out inches from her face. She pulled back but her eyes remained on my ****. I kicked my pants off the rest of the way.
Mom was in a bit of a daze so I simply grabbed her hand and moved it to my ****.She apologized and shook her head. She looked at me and I nodded in encouragement. I was now aware for the first time that it was really going to happen. She licked her lips subconsciously and reached out and took my **** in her hands.I felt the warm breath as her mouth got closer to my ****. She sighed and took a deep breath before quickly engulfing the head of my **** in her mouth. I watched it slide in and out of her red lips as she slowly sucked on it.I felt my **** begin to grow harder inside her mouth. Mom gagged slightly and then carried on sucking it slowly. After another minute or so I felt as hard as I ever had done. Mom pulled my **** out of her mouth and her eyes widened as it stood at a full 8 inches "So big..." She gasped.Her eyes flicked to mine and I smiled at her “Bigger than Steve?” I saw the lust in her eyes no matter how much she wanted to hide it. I sat up and pulled her head towards my **** again. She willingly allowed me to slip back in to her mouth and she started sucking with more enthusiasm than before. She was slurping loudly now as her head bobbed quickly, as it had done three weeks earlier.She pulled it out and quickly ran her tongue up the length of the shaft. She repeated this over and over again driving me crazy. I felt like I was going to burst. Not only was my mom sucking me off but she now seemed to be enjoying it. She ran her tongue around the sensitive headflicking lightly"Oh ****!" I gasped "I'm gonna ***!"I half expected her to pull my **** out and stroke me until I *** but instead she gagged slightly and sucked the remainder of my **** down her throat. I moaned in delight as I started to shoot load after load of *** down my own mother's throat.When I finally stopped I wanted to lie there forever but I knew there was a very short window of opportunity to make my move. Mom was wiping her mouth with her arm, slowly regaining her senses. I quickly sat up alongside her and turned her face to mine. I pulled her close and slipped my tongue into her mouth. It tasted my *** but I wasn't going to turn back now. I moved my tongue around her open mouth but got no reaction. Then quickly she pulled back and shook her head"Jonathan! What are you doing?" She said surprised "Please mom" I said weakly.I was stroking my ****. Her eyes quickly moved down to it and back. I realised the key to seducing her was my ****. I continued to stroke it slowly and purposefully. Mom looked again, her gaze staying on it for a few seconds this time. She met my eyes again "Jonathan put that away" She urged meekly "We had a deal"
"Ok mom, I'll put it away if that's what you really want" I challenged"It is, now put it away. You shouldn't be doing that in front of me""Prove it""Prove what?" Mom asked getting flustered "I said I wanted you to put it away""So prove it" I repeated "Let me touch your *****. If it's not wet I'll leave right now and never bother you about this again""No! You can't touch me there. It's wrong"I continued to stroke my ****, working it faster now as it approached full size again. Mom eyes bulged as she stared at it. She shook her head and tried desperately to maintain eye contact "It's such a simple solution mom. If you don't want this to go any further that's all you have to do"She stared at me and looked at my **** again. The lust had returned to her eyes "So if I'm not will put that **** away and leave?""Yes mom" I said, a little worried at the confidence she displayed "Ok then go for it" She said.Now I was caught on the back foot. I swallowed nervously as she sat on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor. She spread her legs a little and threw her head back eyes closed. I moved my shaking hand towards her. I reached between her legs and slowly touched her *****. I immediately felt moisture on my fingertips. Confidently I continued sliding a finger inside her. Mom moaned as it slipped easily inside her well lubricated ******. I couldn't believe how wet she was.As I continued fingering her lightly I thought to myself that there was no way she could have believed that she would be able to convince me that she wasn't wet. I slipped a second finger in without even thinking and she moaned quietly again. It suddenly occurred to me that she was making no effort to stop me even though I had more than enough time to judge if she was wet "You're ******* soaking mom." I said causing her to bring her head forward and open her eyes"I know Jonathan. I'm embarrassed but your big **** has made me so damn wet" she said almost tearfully"You deserve to be satisfied as much as anyone else. Nobody will ever know""I will know. I don't think I can live with the shame" She said still not removing my fingers"There's nothing to be ashamed of" I reassured "Just enjoy yourself. Let me take care of you""Please Jonathan, don't..." Was all she could muster?
Her mouth said one thing but her body said another. I fingered her faster. She spread her legs further for me. I was jamming them in and out of her now as she sat there with her eyes closed biting her lip. I slid off the end of the bed as slowly and quietly as I could. I moved between her legs and drew my mouth towards my penetrating fingers. My tongue darted between them licking at her "Ooohh don't...Oooh, no Jonathan!" She pleaded helplessly.Her hand gripped the back of my head pulling me into her as she declared "You can't do can't lick...mommy"I knew she was past the point of no return now as I savoured tonguing her *****. She lay back on the bed lifting her legs in the air. I quickly followed diving right back to my task. Her legs wrapped around me as I found her **** and played with it with my tongue.I was licking furiously all round her **** and lips, trying desperately to lick all of her at once. I would have been happy to eat her out forever but then she said something that changed my mind "Jonathan, I need that big **** inside me! God **** me before I come to my senses!"I wanted her to *** but not to her senses so I quickly hopped on the bed. I grabbed her by the ankles and put her feet on my shoulders. I grabbed my throbbing ***** and lined it up with her opening. I pushed the head inside gently and then quickly jammed the rest of my length deep inside her in one quick thrust. It took her by surprise and she cried out in pleasure. I enjoyed the feeling of being buried balls deep in my mother.I slowly withdrew my **** and then slid it all the way back in. I repeated this a few times wanting to feel every inch of my **** inside her"Don't tease me after making me do something this bad" she chided maternally.I began to pick up the pace of my thrusts. My balls slapped off her *** as I pounded into her. It didn't take her long to ***"Oh! Oh yes! I'm gonna ***! Nnngg...Yess!" She moaned. Her breathing was frantic but as I drove into her relentlessly she kept demanding more. I knew I was close. I wanted to **** my mother for hours but right now I needed to ***.
Mom sensed it and she lowered her legs under my arms and pulled me towards her. I slowed to readjust which bought me a few seconds. Our mouths met once more but this time mom returned my kiss hungrily. She sucked my tongue as I explored her mouth. I found her tongue and they thrashed together.Mom pulled back and ran her tongue up the side of my neck and flicked at my ear as I slowly moved in and out of her.With that she caught me off guard and rolled quickly to the side pulling one shoulder and pushing the other. Suddenly I was on my back with her on top of me, my **** still inside her. She lifted herself up until just the tip was inside her"You made mommy a dirty **** Jonathan! You made her suck her own son's **** and then let him put it inside her. You have unleashed a monster I'm afraid" She declared in a sultry voice.She slid down an inch and then back up"Somebody promised they could satisfy that sexual beast. Do you remember? Well Jonathan, are you going to keep your mommy satisfied? Are you going to give her this huge **** whenever she needs it? Hmm?" "Yes!" I cried "Are you sure? I can't let you *** in me unless you're sure""I promise mom...**** I promise!""Good boy!" She cooed before allowing herself to drop on my erect pole.She paused a second and then started to bounce up and down. I reached out and grabbed the two massive **** jiggling in front of my face. Mom continued to bounce up and down, impaling herself relentlessly on my ****. It wasn't long before I felt my balls start to swell again "I'm gonna *** mom!" I managed between shallow breaths and deep thrusts.I began thrusting up to meet her as the sounds of our ******* and the creaking of the bed filled the room. She grabbed me behind the neck and leaned forward smothering my face between her ****. This allowed me to **** her hard from underneath as we both got close to ******* "***********!" I managed as I thrust a few final times. She panted "You're gonna make mommy *** again!"I pulled her body down on to my **** as I started to spasm deep inside her. She dug her nails into me and screamed as she came again.She rocked back and forth slowly as my **** began to soften inside her. She slowly lifted herself off and my juice coated **** flopped out on my stomach. Mom kissed me softly on the lips and lay on my chest"This is so wrong" She said rubbing my ****.
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