"Your love is a powerful drug.. When I feel it. I really feel it. It stills whole world.. and feed me more than any nourishment.. I feel full in your presence..But the question is.. Is the love I have for you true?"

Yes.. because I don't think about what will make me happy.. I constantly think can I make you happy...

Yes..I feel more at home with you than I have ever felt in my entire life..even when I was a kid and had amazing things in life I never felt so...

Yes.. I find myself singing romantic songs at various times throughout the day..

Yes..You can make me forget all my pains, all my sorrows by sending a mere hi on my cell phone.

Yes..It doesn't matter to me how long it takes to understand what you teach me.. and what I Learn from you..

Yes.. No matter what, I'm always there for you.. and I ignore anything else I'm doing at that time..

Yes. Your happiness means more than my own.

Yes.. I willingly give in to the things I normally don't compromise on..I never feel tried in your company..I find you so cute in the mornings when you actually say you're all messed up.. I share all my secrets, news, even it is a small purchase of any humble thing..and yes I wake up happy because I get one more day to miss you.. Love you Bon bon...
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Aug 28, 2014