I Just Did Today.

If I see the person has nothing better to do but troll or be mean and nasty,start drama with others and that is all I see I will block to prevent them for harrassing me.There was some guy who has nothing nice to say to anybody decided to leave unnecessary rude comment on my question so without hestitation I told this **** off first but ,he had nothing to say so,I don't feel bad or anything.When I saw him leaving rude comments all this guy could say was I was only joking what a ***** lol.Other than that,I just don't want drama around me I deal with enough drama at home lmao.
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3 Responses Nov 26, 2012

one to block is snowflake1313 he has threaten me and a nother here on e/p saying he wanted to see thier head shot off ... he belittles people here on e/p if you think different than him.

opps my bad, its snowlover1313

I block racist and guys who hit on me, which I find surprising. But I've learned not to friend anybody whose profile pic shows them in their underwear.

I only got 1 request from a cross dresser. And one guy who wanted to send me nude pictures of his wife. Then He wanted me to describe myself, "enjoying them"

I featured a warning that I wouldn't take any of those request but it hasn't helped. Maybe some people like a challenge.

I believe in whatever floats your boat, but not with me.

It seems some people thrive on drama ... it's really draining.