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For some reason, I started getting a lot of extra "fans" a few months ago & 90% of the time, when I check their profiles, all of their top experiences (or even all of their experiences) have been very perverted & creepy. Things like wearing diapers for sexual arousal, wanting to be treated like children, wanting to be breast fed, etc. etc. etc. Some have been far worse than those. I don't understand why those people keep becoming my fans. I have zero experiences in common with them & will never allow one of them to be on my friends list. I would just ignore them at first, but when it started happening more & more frequently (more than one person per day), I started blocking them. I just blocked one about five minutes ago. I feel bad about it, because I try not to be judgmental, but I've had people send me perverted messages before, out of the absolute blue, & I don't want want that to happen again & I don't want to be associated with those kinds of people in any way.


I wish I knew why people like that continue to become my fan & even message me on occasion. It makes me wonder what it is about me & it creeps me out. I'm not here for any sexual reason whatsoever, & I don't appreciate being "fanned" by those who are here for only that reason.

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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

You're very lucky. Hopefully you never have to lol. I never realized they just "fan" every female they see, but it does make sense. I think the changes EP has been making recently have something to do with why I started getting so many all of a sudden, though. I think they might have changed certain settings or something, because I've been on this site for over a year & I never got all these people fanning me until the last few months & since then, it's been crazy lol.