I Stood Up For Myself For The First Time, But Feel I Should Apologize. What Do You Think?

At school I get picked on a lot and people just take libertys that the wouldnt with the other people in my class (Im year 8). Today I stood up for my self to this boy, when ever he is walking behind me he deliberately steps on the back of my shoes, Im pretty sure he only ever does it to me. Today he did it as we were walking between classes and I was already in quite a bad mood so when my shoe fell off and he started kicking it around I just turned around and shouted 'GET THE F*** OFF YOU DIV!' he was just like 'woo' I mean he literally just said woo. lol. Then because there were loads of other people from in my class around they all started laughing at him because no ones ever seen me have a go at someone before, I think they were all shocked that I had a voice lol then they all started saying 'ohhh beat him up'. Of course I didnt lol, but still afterward in class as he was walking in he said 'they were just shoes.' I guess I may have over reacted but its the first time I've ever stood up to anyone and by the look on his face when I yelled at him I dont think he'll be doing anything like that again. Do you think I should apolagize, I feel kind of guilty, and he probably hates me now for shouting at him.
Ifeelproudandscared Ifeelproudandscared
Jun 13, 2011