Fair Warning

I'm a pretty open-minded guy. I am. I have friends with lots of kinks and fetishes and of all sexual orientations.

But, if you fan me and I deem that your profile is ONLY about fetishes? I will block you.

So, either follow me passively through the groups that I'm in, or don't be surprised if you don't see my stuff in your feed anymore.
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

You are as bad as the girls in my circle, with your fairy tale standards and all.

So you want the poo and pee fetish people in your circle? Since you are not picky and all.....lolz

I have five hundred plus "friends" all are fairly represented and face no discrimination. Some call my circle a cyber utopia of equality, while others claim it to be the new babylon for the Internet generation, however, I just like to think of my circle as a good old fashion cesspool of unencumbered debauchery!

I can't remember if I fanned you or not haha. I never add people, if I did fan you consider yourself one lucky bastard. hahahahaha kidding.

Arrogance is welcome in my circle.

lol cool. I was just kidding, but good to know. I am pretty damn confident. I don't think arrogant. Maybe. I don't have any fetishes. That I know of anyways. haha

I just block them and then unblock them so that their fan is removed.

Does that really work? I never thought of that!

Yep, it works.

. I do that too

I learned something today!!!

I didn't know that! *goes on spree*

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