I like to think of myself as a ******* expert. I am good at both receiving them and giving them (I am bi.) I have had my share of ********. My first time receiving a ******* was with my girlfriend Denise when I was 16. She gave a mean *******. We were kind of drunk at a little party we had with a few more of our friends and we ended up playing truth or dare. When it came to Denise's turn, my buddy Jeremy dared her to give me a *******. So she did. It felt amazing too. It was a little awkward at first with all of my friends watching, but I got used to it, and they've all seen my junk before since I sleep naked, even when they spent the night. It was one of the best sexual experiences of my life. My first time giving a ******* was in college. I was single, but there was a really nice gay guy that I knew. Whenever he shared with me that he had never had a *******, I insisted on giving him one. He refused at first, but eventually said yes. I pulled his pants down and began stroking his ****. Then, when he got hard, I went for it. I was really nervous since I had never given one before, but he loved it. His constant moaning was turning me on. After I was done giving him one, he gave me one. It was a really hot night,
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Hot story...made me hard reading it!!! :)

Such a hot college first-time! I also admitted to myself that I was bi in college, and became very comfortable with the idea that I liked gay sex as much as or even more than str8 sex.