I've Always Done It

Ever since I can remember I blush at all kinds of things. I really despise this part of myself as it shows people one of my weaknesses, something that I can't avoid. I usually know what I am saying or doing will result in my face being red as hell but I am unable to stop myself because I know its going to be funny or I am trying to get a point across. It could be as simple as multiple people having there attention drawn to me. I hate it.
TheCheese TheCheese
31-35, M
3 Responses Feb 24, 2008

i can't stand it either!.......It happened the other day when i was making a stand for myself. jeeez i could feel the redness, and it just makes other ppl think you're scared of them or something. Arrrggg....

I think its adorable. Wish I blushed!

I'd pay a lot of money if I could turn it off, it's only good for giving people ammo against me.