It Makes Me Feel So Vulnerable..

It's the worst! Especially when i'm trying to appear confident in an unfamiliar social situation, and then something awkward happens, i get a compliment, i'm put on the spot, or I just say the wrong thing. Then i can feel it happening! My face turns red, I feel warm. It makes me just want to hide!

Sometimes I turn away and try to hide it, or i'll put my hand to my cheek, look at the ground and maybe smile. 

There is something really adorable about a girl when she blushes, especially when she smiles.

You can tell how a person really feels when they blush. It is easier to read than words. I think that's why it makes me feel nervous.
I hide my feelings most of the time, I do it to protect myself. I don't want to let people know if i'm invested in them right away, or if I care about them. When I blush I show my true colors, whether I like it or not. It is involuntary for me, as i assume it is for most people xD

Nonetheless blushing can be bittersweet. If someone can make me smile and blush, they must be pretty special. At the very least, the words meant enough to me to affect my physically. I think that's pretty special =)

babygirlxox babygirlxox
18-21, F
May 21, 2012