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Stop Flirting With Me!!!

i love being flirted with online for some reason, but in person, i cannot STAND it. i get all twitterpated, my face gets hot, i can't form a cogent sentence, and i stutter! i really am quite shy at times....never would have guessed, huh?
foldedunfolding foldedunfolding 31-35, F 11 Responses Jan 30, 2013

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Love that you used twitteratted. Haha fun word

hahaha's from "Bambie":)

It has been so long since I've seen that

I don,t have a shy bone in my body

I got the shyness. Wow, girl, it really bothers you, doesn't it?

You know that many men find it to be a charming thing, when they can see the effect they have on a beautiful woman. You can embrace this part of you and let it be ok.

It's like saying, "I can't tell left from right...isn't that odd?" The moment you speak it out loud, as a fact, versus a weakness, it totally loses it's power to mess with your self-esteem.

aw thank you's not really about my self esteem tho..i just dont like it when they look me over like they are assessing a car lol

for a shy lady you sure have a lot of drooling males at your feet are you a flirt or a tease...........? lol

haha a little of both, tbh...but i have a man now so i'm happy:)

I'll keep that in mind.
So a nice date with you would be a restaurant in a cobblestoned piazza at a little village near Florence somewhere, laptop or ipad out, provocative flirting, perhaps sitting at different tables?

where the HECK have you been?!?!?!!??!?????????????????????? i have missed the HECK out of you!!!!! and you know that florence is pretty much my favorite place in the world, right? i also loved the cobblestones in Paris:)

I'm just intuitive sometimes.

that soo did not answer my question

Which question? Where have I been or how did I know?

where have you been:)

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I once was in Palm Springs in a gay karaoke bar.

Many men looked me over.

Even at the urinal.

It was an unusual experience.

i like how you wrote that as if it is a poem.....

*random horny comment*

not QUITE as random when it comes from you:-P

Practice makes perfect :)

would you like to help make me perfect?

sure i love making girls red :P

you communist!

You used "twitterpated" in a sentence. You win one free internet.

heyy thanksss al gore!!

I'm super cereal right now.

Lol I figured it out but im cut from similar cloth. Perhaps even more so than you.

ok if ONE more person says this...:-[

Haha, relax Beautiful. It's not such a bad thing. Besides, isn't the point of EP to get to know people better? Nothing wrong with your personality imo.

thank you for calling me beautiful, handsome:)

Not that surprising, now that I've gotten to know you better. Haha, yet another thing we share in common.

you can tell that im shy?

You actually told me yourself, remember?

i have the worst mem....wait what was i saying?

Haha, it's all good. I totally forgot that I to respond on time.

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