Subject of Embarassment

oh, yes, blushing. with my skin tone, it's inevitable that everyone around me knows when i'm blushing, too.

at this year's agency christmas party, the 'entertainment' was a tenor in a santa hat idling around the room singing to different women. of course, he picked me. of course, i blushed the entire time. of course, the newspaper photographer took a picture of it.

my hand over my mouth, face down grin, red-cheeked and awkward.

after the paper came out, i blushed all over again whenever someone brought it to my attention.

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

I TOTALLY understand! :-) high school I used to be called the 'tomato" because of the way I'd blush

Ahhh me too! I have light skin so it's so obvious. And then the fact that I'm blushing makes me blush even more. <br />
:D that tenor in a santa hat sounds funny. What did he sing?